Plain of Jars. Phonsavan, Laos

When I was in Laos I had read about the Plain of Jars and decided that I had tot go there even though it was a big detour on the route I was planning.
It is an area in the highlands of Laos. It is still a mystery what the jars meant to be, where they were used for. There are a couple of sites you can visit. I choosed to do Jar Site 1 and 3, on 3 there are 150 jars. On the site of 1 is a long area where several hundreds jars were found.
To get there we hiked a short but very nice scenic hike across some paddy fields and farmland. I liked that a lot!!
Walking to site 3
In the Second Indochina War, Laos has been bombed a lot. Phonsavan is one of the most heavily bombed places in the world. Still most of those bombs are there, they work hard to make it safe but still every year an average of 60 people die due to UXOs.
Bomb craters from the war 1964 – 1973
When I took my trip there our trip leader told us to stay on the path because of those bombs. Everywhere I saw markers to lead us on the clear path. On the markers it says MAG, Mines Advisory Group. 
Lao workers having a break

The biggest jar is located on Site 1. It is a really big one, standing besides it you feel small. How did they even build the thing? And maybe relocated it even??

In the background you see some buildings and other recourses. They build a airport over there. It is because of the tourism in that area that they unfortunately build it in sight of the main tourist attraction..

In Phonsavan I ate at Bamboozle, very nice and good restaurant. It has WiFi, I think that does it for me. But the food was great also!! This was located across the street from the Nice Guest House where I stayed two nights. Didn’t use the shower there, bathroom was to small. Bed was good!! I am happy to went there although it was 8 hours by bus from Luang Prabang.


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