Antigua, Guatemala

In Guatemala is the lovely city of Antigua. I was there in November of 2008.
The city is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE because of the Spanish Baroque influence architecture.

We went to a market in Antigua, the colours were overwhelming!!
They sell beautiful fabrics! I bought a beautiful blanket, with typical Guatemalan fabric and design.
On the background in the picture you see one of the many ruins of an old colonial church.

We also went to a cemetery. The Lonely Planet had a warning about not going there alone as tourists but ask the police to escort. The police did so without thinking that our question was weird. We thought it was 🙂

At the cemetery all the graves are white. That gave a scene of freshness and calmness.
There were lots of people, the graves were good preserved and there were lots of flowers. Very nice to go there and see the daily activities on a cemetery.

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