Driving through Varanasi on an Indian beat!!

In 2009 I went to Varanasi, India. I wanted to visited the Ganges ofcourse. I really loved to see all the activity, traditions around the Ganges. But also the rest of the country, the people and the traffic has made a big impression on me! I want to go back to India and visit a lower part of the country, Goa.
I haven’t written much on my blog, yet, about India but I will soon do that!
I found this clip back on my cellphone. So great!
The driver had a radio on the tuk tuk. The first clip is only loud claxons etc. but when he saw that I was recording he said he had some music to with it. That is when I made this clip.
It was great. Going threw the busy streets and flashing by everybody on bike, on foot, on scooter etc. 
And ofcourse listening to the real Indian music!


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