Flowerparade in Lisse, The Netherlands

In Lisse there is the famous Keukenhof. I will write a blog about that one too but first I saw a flowerparade in Lisse.

Lisse has an annual flowerparade going through their village. This is a big event for the tulip industry and the area. This year it was on the 3th of may. The theme of the year 2014 was Energy.
I went there and had a great spot on the Heereweg, the mainroad of Lisse.

 Old audience…. but also young 🙂

The weather was great so I really enjoyed my time there. Ofcourse I made some nice pictures of the wagens in the parade.
Most of them I just liked because of the flowers and colours. From the theme Energy I did see something but didn’t catch that on a picture that well unfortunately.

A DJ playing some music
And ofcourse the Dutch bicycle also with flowerpiece
Every now and then a marching band in between for music
Travel industry also represented by a boat,
with Singapore Airline on the trailer.

Raising money for organising the parade
Great old St. Agatha Church of Lisse, Heereweg

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