Hop On Hop Off Bus – Napoli, Italy

A great way to explore a city is the Hop on Hop off

bus, on top of the bus you get great views!

The Hop on Hop off bus
At the first/last stop

In Naples they also have such a bus. Those are red busses, sightseeing it says on the side so you can’t miss them. You will easily recognize them! There are three routes you can choose while using the Hop on Hop off bus. I did bought a ticket and had two routes done. The blue one and the red one, those were recommended by the woman sitting in the sellingbooth. 
At the port of Naples you can buy the tickets and there’s also the first/last stop of the three routes. 
When you get a ticket you also get a map of Naples. That one also comes in handy for the next days while wandering through the city 🙂 The important landmarks are visible on the map so you know what is worth visiting.

The price of the ticket is 22 euro, you’ll get to use the bus for 24 hours. The first bus starts at 09.30 in the morning and the last one leaves at 16.50.    

Bay at Bagnoli

The first route I took was the blue one. I wanted to start at 10.05  but the bus was full and we had to wait for the next one. That one left at 10.55 hours. This route went along the coast, we had some lovely views over the sea and the bay. The weather was really good and I enjoyed it very much. We had some great views at the Vesuvius where the bus also stopped so we could take a picture.

View at Vesuvius

When you enter the bus you get some earphones. You can plug in wherever you sit down and hear the informative comments they give at the several stops. In between you hear Italian music. I loved that, really got in an Italian mood. It really gives it an extra dimension!

Me and the Lady from Australia

I took this trip with a couple I met on the train that morning from Agnano to Montesanto. That couple was on a trip too. They were travelling with a rented car from Rome to Sicily. They came from Australia but the man originally was an Italian. In between the two routes we had a cup of coffee in Gallerie Umberto which is just around the corner from the first/last stop. We enjoyed the Gallerie and took some pictures 🙂

Gallerie Umberto

After the cappuchino we took the second trip, the red one. That one went into the city of Napoli. It went up the hill to Catacombe S. Gennaro. There were gardens you could visit. In Rome I did go out of the bus at almost every stop but here I stayed in the bus and enjoyed the tour, the music and the great views.

View over Napoli

Vesuvuis on the background

What are the stops? Nice to know when you will get out 🙂
Linea Route B (First one I wrote about)

1.  Largo Castello
2.  Piazza Vittoria
3.  Villa Pignatelli
4.  Mergellina
5.  Capo Posillipo
6.  Posillipo
7.  Parco Virgiliano
8.  Via Petrarca
9.  Mergellina Piazza del Leone
10. Piazza Vittorio
11. Chiatamone
12. Via Acton/Porto

Linea Route A (Second I took)
1.  Largo Castello
2.  Piazza del Gesu
3.  Piazza Dante
4.  Museo Archeologico
5.  Sanita
6.  Capodimonte
7.  Catacombe S. Gennaro
8.  Bellini
9.  Madre – Via Foria
10. Porta Capuana
11. Piazza Bovio/Universita
12. Via Acton/Porto

The third one, i didn’t took:
1. Largo Castello

2. Piazza dei  Martiri
3. PAN
4. Piazza Amedeo
5. Piazza Vanvitelli
6. Largo San Martino
7. Via Salvator Rosa

8. Piazza Dante

Map of the three routes


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