The Ultimate Bucketlist…and Still Growing

It’s good to make lists! It will remind you of what you want, what your goals are! If you don’t set goals you don’t have something to work to!

That’s why I have to start making one. If I don’t, so many things will already been done by the time I start. Also it is nice to see which goals you turned into reality!

So for now…it is a growing list which will only grow faster the more travels I make. It is in a random order ūüôā


1   The Chinese Wall

2   Blue moon valley, China

3   Nazca lines in Peru, seen from a plane

4   Bagan, Myanmar (done)

Bagan, Myanmar

5   Holi Festival in India (23 march 2016/13 maart 2017)

6  Learn Spanisch in South America

7   Kathmandu,  Nepal

8   Iguazu Falls, Brazilie

9   Macchu Picchu, Peru

10 Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru

11 Beijing

12 Tiananmen Square / Gate of Heavenly Peace

13 Trans Mongolie Express/Trans Siberie Express,

14 Song Kol Lake, Mongolia. Horse trek?

15 Grand Trunk Express? New Delhi – Chennai Central

16 Galapagos islands

treasury_petra_jordan (1)
Petra, Jordan

17 New Zealand/Australia (Aboriginals)

18 Bryce Canyon,  Utah

19 Easter Island, Polynesia

20 Dead Sea, Israel/Jordan

21 Petra, Jordan

22 The Pyramids Egypt

23 Bungeejumping

24 Working abroad

25 Volunteering abroad, longer then 1 week

26 Budapest

27 Istanbul (done)

28 Macedonia

29 Ziplining in the rainforest/jungle somewhere (1/2)

Ziplining Bohol, Philippines

30 Baobab trees in Madagascar

31 Namibie, oldest desert in the world

32 Walking the Camino de Santiago

33 Hana highway, Maui Hawaii

34 Seeing the big five in South Africa or other African country (done)

35 Seeing whales (done)

36 Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

37 Christ the redeemer, Rio de Janeiro

38 Robben island, South Africa

39 Canyoning (done)

Canyoning Dalat, Vietnam

40 Traveling Solo (done)

41 Moskou

42 Sleeping in a Yurt in Mongolia

43 Diving near Egypt, Red Sea

44 Attending a Wedding in Indis (Done)

45 Havana, Cuba

46 For at least one week in a monastry or yoga/meditation school

47 Visit the temple Tigersnest, Bhutan

48 Seeing Mountain gorilla’s in Uganda



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