What about using public transport in Napoli, Italy?

In Naples I used the public transport every day. My hotel was situated in Bagnoli. That  is a western district of Naples and was 10 to 15 minutes with the train or metro to Naples city.

It is nice to have the freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want, I heard the transport was regularly. When I left my hotel and would walk to the right side I got to metrostation Bagnoli but when I turned left I would go to the trainstation Agnano. For both, the train or the metro you use the same tickets. The tickets are to be bought at a kiosk on the street. Those kiosks are almost on every corner of the street so it is not hard to find a location where you can buy a ticket.
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I bought my first ticket on a kiosk near the trainstation. I looked at the ticket and saw that it was valid for 90 minutes. This ticket costed me 1,30 euro. 
The trainstation Agnano was right next to the kiosk, so I went there. At some point I saw a couple of people stamping there tickets so I did too. Aah…that is how it works 🙂 I couldn’t really find a schedule where I could see when the train would leave. Later I found out that almost every 20 minutes a train would come. So the next days when I entered the platform I immediatly stamped my ticket so I wouldn’t forget.
The trainstation
The train
The train I saw was a rarity, it is graffity all over. Even over the windows. I thought that one wouldn’t ride anymore but it was just the train that I would take every day for the next couple of days. So sometimes you couldn’t look outside because the windows where painted over.. So strange. Also the station itself is all graffiti too. Because in Holland we clean the buildings as soon as possible it gave me the idea that it was deserted. But it wasn’t, it is in full use. 
The thing that striked me the most when getting out of the train in Montesanto was all the people waiting at the end of the platform. So they were not trying to get in the train as soon as possible. No, they were waiting behind a non visible line in the ground and kept space for the passengers to get out and get of the platform. When the last person came in sight some of the passengers waiting ran to the train. I really thougt that was great!! In Holland you sometimes almost get pushed back into the train because of someone wanting to be first in to get the best seat 🙂
Montesanto is near the old centre of Naples so ideal to use this train visit it.
Street in front of trainstation Montesanto
The next day I went from the metrostation in Bagnoli. I had bought 6 tickets so I would have enough for the next 3 days to go to the city and come back at night.
 I chose metrostation Bagnoli because I wanted to go to Piazza Garibaldi. The metrostation is underneath the big square and near the big trainstation. I wanted to go there because the one day I wanted to go to Rome with the high speed train and I wanted some information about that trip.
Bagnoli Metro Station
From the big trainstation it is easy to book a train to Ercolano, from there you can go to climb the Vesuvius. I got a ticket to Sorrento…. That one was valid for 180 minutes and costed 4.10 euro. I didn’t had to buy that one because the train goes to Sorrento and I left it earlier at Ercolano. 
Well to sum it up: the cards have different colours.
The light blue is valid for 90 minutes, the brown one for 160 minutes and the dark blue 180 minutes. On every metro or train or even bus I was told, are the cards valid. 
I think that system is really good and you see many people using the train/metro or bus. 

I think it is for everybody good to use, it is not that expensive, it goes a couple of times every hour..


But there is also a high speed train, I used it to go to Rome for a day. You can get three tickets. The first, the cheapest, if for the train that uses three hours to go there. The second uses two hours and the third, which I took uses 1 hour. It cost me around 80 euro. There sometimes is a special offer so it could be around 60 to 90 euro I found out.

My office for an hour 🙂

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