Welcome on my disclaimer & privacy page. Since it is mandatory to have a page to tell you how I use my information I wrote this page. I hope it is clear and answers all your questions.

If you still have questions, comments or tips I love to hear from you. You can write a comment here or send my an email by using safeandhealthytravel@gmail.com

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I do think it is important to take someones privacy into notice. Because of that I will use your emailadress and your name confidential and I will never sell that to a third party. Did you leave a reaction but would you like to have it removed, no problem! Send me an email and I will remove at asap.

Links I insert in my blogs

I do link to other pages and webistes on my blog. Most of the time I place them because it is a addition to the info I am sharing and could help you in your search. The information that is shared on that page and the rules of privacy on that page is not my responsibility.

You sharing Links of my blog

I really love the love that comes with you sharing my blog!! You are widening my reach and you share my passion for travelling and I hope to inspire others. I can see if you tag my link on the social media or put my link in your blog. I will use this information only for myself and will not share it with a third party.


Cookies / Google Analytics

On my website are cookies. With these cookies I messure the visitors by using Google Analytics.

By visiting this website you agree with using these cookies. Google Analytics is a company that, the same as I, will use this information confidential. Read the disclaimer that Google Analytics put on their site, especially number 5,6 and 7 are probably interesting for you,




Nothing from my texts or my pictures that I share on this website can be multiplied or shared publicly in any form of way, without consent of Jacomijn van Safe and Healthy Travel. All pictures, with exception of pictures with a link to the owner, are made by and belong to Jacomijn van Safe and Healthy Travel.

Up to date

All my blogs are stamped with a date. So you can always see when a story was published. It can be outdated if it is been written 2 or 3 years ago. I do check my pages but always make sure for yourself before booking something that things are up to date and still worth going to. If you see some information that is incorrect or outdated please let me know so I can adjust it.

Sponsors or sponsored links

I don’t have much sponsored links but I sometimes work with a company or a tourism board. I only chose to work with companies that work within my niche. And I will only travel to places I would go to without the sponsoring. So if  I use an affiliate link and you will buy something through that session I get a small part of it. The best part of this is that you don’t pay anything more for that!!