My World is still Positive and Great!

Sometimes people tell me:

” In time you’ll see that not everything is nice and happy.”


“Oh well…time will learn .. You’ll get to see that life isn’t all that great!!”

I still don’t get what they want me to believe. After all these years my life is getting better and more nice and even happier!! I see most things in a positive and bright light. I still think the world is a great place and I enjoy the little things that surrounds me!

My world is a positive World!!

Sure, I see that there is a lot of suffering. And some of my days have less good parts… I obviously visit places, due to my job as an police officer, that aren’t top of the bill. Places you wouldn’t want anyone to be living in. I do try to give some positive advice, in hope they get some inspiriation in the right and a better direction. I hope to reach that part in a human that gives the right inspiration and, for that reason, a lot of energy. A bit of positive attention can lead to a blooming future. Just to express your admiration and sincere attention can change a lot! Or sometimes just a smile 🙂

At times that I step in another persons life I realise that to the fullest.

My life is good, my life is very comfortable. I am very happy with what I’ve got, what I may do and what I do!

Positive - Smiling

Smiling is always a positive thing!

And what that smile can bring you is wonderful!!


So tell me, what is so negative??

Why do people see the world as a bad place? Why do they emphasize the negative side of life knowing it doesn’t get better because of that? Most of the time you don’t have any influance on those negative thiings in the world….like: war in distant country, an attack maybe close to your home…and like people that only talk nasty about those situations.

If I do talk about that a lot I maybe start believe that… and my world will be a bad place in the end. If you enlarge those bad things in your world…it will become your world.

Is it that some people want to believe that? Is it the purpose of those people? Certain mood makers? Are they already in a place that they don’t see that other side anymore?

I don’t give in to that! I don’t see the world like that!

My world is great!

My world is great because I and many with me make it great and that is how I experience the world too!!

And that’s why my world is still a positive one!

Positive and Great

Do share this positive post as much as possible!

Keep smiling 🙂