Mind over Matter – Mindful Living

Mindful Living.. We need to take care of ourselves and if you live by the mind over matter principle you can conquer everything!! Well almost everything, belief me! Read on to hear about my experiences.

You can do anything if you really want!!

I’m convinced that if you really want something you can do it.

How far away or out of your reach things seem at the beginning.. I do believe in the so called ‘Mind over Matter’ principle.  If I want something I will get there. Even though it might take a long time to get there…I will get there!

If you really want it.. you’ll work towards it, your life will change, your goals shifts because your going for that one higher, better goal.

Ofcourse you need to do a lot for it, you need to let go of some things… But because you do it for this higher goal it doesn’t feel as a big sacrifice. Sometimes doors will autimatically open for you only because you have said to some people what you are working for. You don’t have to do everything by yourself, you can and may accept help 🙂


And yeah… some people need to work harder than the other.. Maybe that is because their goal was a bigger one than the of another ones goal.

Mind Over Matter

At some point I stopped smoking….after 20 years!! I started to smoke because it was tough, it was cool to be part of that group.. The reason most of us starts to smoke..

At a certain moment in my life it started to bug me that I smoked. It didn’t even fit my lifestyle. I’m an active person and like to sport..and I smoke? After thinking about this for a while and getting myself ready for the big day, I stopped! I did have a hard time… but is was just one night! It was the night after I took that desicion to stop smoking.

I wrote down notes with the pros and cons, I made a calculation about what I would save on a weekly bases, per month..per year.. But in the end I just stopped and never looked back on those notes.

My body was prepared,

my mind was ready!

I have never felt any discomfort while stopping this nasty habit. I have never looked back.. Now, almost 9 years later, I stopped 3 september 2007,  I have never felt the urge to smoke again!


If you say: I want to!

You can do it!!

Do you have any experiences with personal victories like this?

Mind Over Matter?

I’ld love to hear about them!

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