Safety Instructions Airplanes; do we still notice them?

When you go travel and get into that plane we all have seen the safety instructions for a million times… We see it every time we go travel and most probably our attention quicky goes back into the telephone or other more interesting items. I also feel that there hasn’t changed that much in all the years so why bother? Sometimes it is not even a steward that is telling us the safety instructions but a clip.. Because of this it even gets less attention…

Safety Instructions Airplane


Did nothing change in all those years? I started to wander and search the internet. On certain areas things definitely has changed but still… It doesn’t seem that way for the average traveler. Other then the fact that smoking isn’t allowed anymore… They tell you to switch of mobile phones….and the Samsung Note 7 isn’t allowed at all in the plane…The text looks exactly the same.

Safety Instructions Airplanes; do we still notice them?

But they are getting funnier…to catch your attention… They make them like that because they also notice that we are not looking anymore. Check this clip for instance..

Safety Instructions Airplanes; do we still notice them?

This has nothing to do with safety… but I did like the Dutch feeling 🙂

Good job KLM!!

Rules regarding the safety instructions are regulated in the ICAO (Internation Civil Aviation Organization. This organization has been established in 1947. During the second world war the aviation has quickly evolved and after there was need for standards and safety measurements for a safe and orderly development of the aviation traffic. This organization has some goals and safety is a big one ofcourse but also that you are obligated to show your luggage for checks on wapens and explosives.

Safety Instructions

Bombs and granades…

You don’t take that with you, right??

Safety Instructions Airplanes; do we still notice them?

The most important rules of the Safety instruction for flights I will highlight here. You can read them while not in the excitement of going on a travel… Maybe a bit excited because the plane will set of in a minute and you want to look at the world getting smaller underneath you. Maybe you want to look at all the people that are with you on the plane, that are starting or ending their holiday…or going on a business trip. I love that too 🙂 In a plane there can be all kinds of destractions for us!

Or where you already at the pool enjoying the sun with a great juice next to you?

Safety Instructions

– Role of Stewards and Stewardesses –

The first thing about the role of the stewards and stewardesses is ofcourse taking care of us, the travelers that use the flight to go to the destination. And they ofcourse take care of our safety up there. They give the instructions and we are supossed to listen to that carefully. Know what is being asked from you and take this business seriously. Lately I don’t think everybody is listening carefully and I ask myself if people still think about it correcly what it means for them when things go wrong.

What is your role when things go bad?

And even more …

what you should NOT do?

The instruction is all about how to buckle up, the whole flight preferably, in case of turbulence. Turbulence will come unexpectedly and maybe the personal can not warn you in time. A flight from Moskou to Bangkok had some severe turbulence not long ago, I was in that same flight just before that… See this clip about the increase of turbulence lately and to why.. Something with Global Warming… TRUMP…no it is not FAKE NEWS!!

Tip: Always wear you seatbelt during flight. Even if the indication for it is not lighted and it all seems quiet. Don’t you like the feeling of it you can loosen it up instead of unbuckling.

Safety Instructions Airplanes; do we still notice them?

WOW air, the prettiest flight I have used!!

What was your prettiest one?

Safety instructions Airplane

  – Life Jacket –

You need to know that there is a life jacket under you seat. It is been under the seat for ever and should be easily got out of there. These aren’t things to practice…They wouldn’t like that if you’ld do that 🙂 They did make it easier with a red strip on it to pull in case of emergency. The whole pack will come free for you to put on the vest as shown in the instructions.

I experienced myself how visible that orange is when you are in need of time and space. I was looking for the spot where to loosen the safety belt in a car, in the water. Did you know that it is orange for the same reason? I could find it very easily because of that colour, unbuckle it and get the driver out of the car!! (This was an drill for my job)

So if you  have take notice often enouhg  you know what to do when you need to put your life jacket. Do you do this the wrong way you’ve got chance that it will not hold when you jump in the water. You’ll loose it and if you are lucky you can get a hold of it again.. The string that goes underneath you is crucial for saving your life.

And don’t forget to NOT blow the jacket in the plane. If you do that and you need to walk through the narrow path…and your neighbour too.. It will not fit. It is already a narrow path. So just before sliding down the evacuation slide into the water.

TIP: If you thought about taking the life jacket as a souvenir.. Believe me…there are people doing that. You commit a crime and will be arrested for theft. Read more about it.

Safety Instructions Airplanes; do we still notice them?If you are lucky you are in the window seat and get this as a view!

Safety Instructions Airplanes; do we still notice them?

Atlas mountains – Morocco

Safety Instructions Airplane

–  Oxygen Mask –

What if the pressure falls in the cabin? The Oxygen mask will come down for you to use. We all know that we have to put the cord over our head and pull it. You need to serve yourself first before helping another even if it is your child. Have you ever really thought about this? At the moment this happens there will be panic. A child will be less panicked most probably because it doesn’t oversee the whole situation. Adults have a doom scenario in their head, most probably seen that passing by sometimes. Do read Train your Brain / Power of Visualization, I write about it in my blog about What to do when you get robbed. I talk about this in the first alinea.

Safety Instructions Airplanes; do we still notice them?

First of all, stay calm. Make sure to do what you thought of doing, what the instructions has tought you. Make sure your mind is there to help you and do what is needed and helpful. Don’t go and get your back from the overhead compartment. Let it stay there. Keep seated and follow instructions given by the stewardesses. You maybe want to have you phone or something else at that moment.. Keep that in mind the next time you step in a plane. Keep them with you in your seat. Be Prepared..

Safety Instruction

Overall Safety in the Plane

The stewards are responsible and need to make sure we and everything is safe in the plane. They keep an eye on the passengers and notice iregularities. They also look for situation that not match with the ordinary and can lead to irregularities. They are the first to act when something needs to be corrected. Frm the point of view that there could be people with the wrong intention on board this is an important function. Did you know that on certain flights there is always police or other securityservice personal as passengers in the plane. They will have some strategic spots in the plane.. It can give you a good feeling knowing this 🙂

Also the stewards will do a final check before leaving. They will check if everybody is on board, if the right passengers are here. If there is any doubt they can ask you for your boardingpass. If a passenger didn’t made it, for what reason, they will make sure the checked baggage goes off the plane again.


Safety Instructions Airplanes; do we still notice them?

It seems really scary… but airplanes are resistant to these lightnigs. In the future the planes will change their material to a lighter version. they will start using carbin composite and it will be resistant too and they will check that thoroughly to guarantee the safety.

Safety Instructions

– Cellphone switched off –

Ofcourse we knew that the cellphones needed to be switched off or at least in airplane modus. It is actually never been proven that the cellphone or other devices are disturbing the equipment of planes. But… I can understand that if the plane is filled with hundreds of people and all the cellphones are on… That can give a lot of signals and can possibly lead to malfunctions. We don’t want to risk that, right?

Why do they dim the light?

Have you ever wondered why they dim the light while taking off?

This obviously has a reason, as has everything else. You can see more if your eyes are used to the darkness, your pupill will adjust to that. So if the plane will have problems or even crash it will get dark because the power will stop working. To prepare your eyes already they will always turn off the lights… If asked something else, like putting on a oxygen mask or such you are able to see where to grab it.

And why are the windows always open during take of and landing? 

These are the things that for most of us just is… We don’t really think about that. If you think about it… The reason is that if something happens and the plane is down the emergency workers are able to look into the plane. They can make an estimate on how bad it is from a distance. I know out of experience that is really comforting to see something as soon as possible. You want to know what to ask for, other parties that are responding to the call tell what the situation is before going in and maybe not be able to respond to every call anymore.

Extra and Persal Safety Instructions

When seated at an Emergency Exit

Halfway the plane you have this row with extra space!! Yeah!!

If you are seathed there you are at an emergency exit. You will be asked if you want to use it because if something happens you’ll be burdened with an extra task. You can ofcourse say no and be placed elsewhere.

Safety Instructions Airplanes; do we still notice them?

There are some requirements for the passengers seated in those seats.

What are those requirements?

1. Only Able Bodied Persons from the age of 12
(So no cast, crutches, not to be heavily overweighted and needing an extension belt)

2. Passengers need to be willing and able to assist

3. Passengers need to know how the emergency exit procedure works and if they don’t they need to listen to an extra explanation of the cabin crew.

4. At the start and landing of the flight there is no luggage, bags, jacket, shoes or what ever allowed on the floor or on your lap because this could block evacuation. So during start and landing everything needs to be in the overhead compartment.

5. They need to prevent passengers to get in the way of the cabin Assistent if they need to open the door at an emergency landing.

If there is no cabin assistent they need to open the emergency exit theirselfs and get out to help others to get out safely untill responding services are there to help.

There is a responsibility that comes with sitting in that row. You  need to take action and do that responsible in order to help other passengers. Did you ever really thought about this? Or were you only very happy with the extra space this seat offers?

Safety Instruction

– Slides Emergency Exit Plane-

So if you are at the emergency exit you need to open it. If you have looked closely to those doors you might have noticed that there is a thick filling in those doors. That is the evacuation slide. This will go open and autimatically inflate so the slide will properly work as an emergency exit.

If you have sharp parts on your clothes and bags you need to think about that… You don’t want to harm the slide and maybe even puncture it. Most people won’t go travel with high heels… These really are prohibited on the slide. But also realise what you do have on you , think about that when you go into the plane the next time. Do you have big buckles or other pricking parts on your clothes? This is also the reason that they want you to take of your shoes and will not let you take your bag with you when evacuating.

 First reason is time…
You shouldn’t be looking for you bag..
It all takes time and that might not be there.

Safety Instructions Airplanes; do we still notice them?

Safety and Superstition

Everybody has heard about the Bermuda Triangle. There are hundreds of stories that will  proof you that there is something out of the ordinary about that place. Nowhere in the world there is a place where so many planes or ships mysteriously has disappeared. Just as the stories about malfunction of equipment.. Things temporarily not working… Still on a daily bases planes fly there. If they wouldn’t they need to make a detour of 2800 km… That will be a expensive one…

Another one is the number 13. Did you know that this row does not exists on planes? I didn’t even notice that… Can not remember sitting on row 13 either for that matter.. I will go and look for that the next time I fly!!

And did you know that this also counts for appartments? The 13th floor is missing in a lot of building! Or in a hotel…No room 13? They take it all the way to protect you!!

Are you happy with that


do you think it is a load of crap?

I have been flying a lot lately. I haven’t been withness to a lot of turbulence…I almost always get my bag when arriving on a location… This year was my first.. Flying to Kenya by Egypt Air and only having 30 minutes on Cairo.. They forgot my bag 🙁

How about you?

Do you have nasty experiences with traveling by plane?

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I  hope you enjoy this world as much as I do!!