The Famous Knysna Heads, Featherbed Nature Reserve – South Africa

I stayed in a Lodge called Paradise Found and my great view was on the Heads of Knysna. On the right one, the western Head is a nature reserve located, it’s called Featherbed and there are tours going there.

Zuid Afrika Okt14 961My view during breakfast at Paradise Found

One of the tours included a 2 km walk through this area. That’s the one I was interested in and I booked it.
The next day around 10 o’clock we went of with a boat to the other side of the lagoon to get on the western head. On the lagoon I was told that the lagoon had salt and sweet water in it. Because of that it has a variety of species living in it. The woman leading the group told us that also the seahorse was one of those rare species. In the whole of South Africa they have 3 breeding grounds and Knysna is one of them.

Zuid Afrika Okt14 1076Lagoon seen from the balcony at Paradise Found
Zuid Afrika Okt14 1018Lagoon seen from the right heads.

After we boarded on the head we got into a car that toured us up the head. We would only walk down and get some great views while walking. While riding up the head the woman told about the flora that was growing here. At some point we saw a tortoise on the side of the road. And it was a big one too!

  Zuid Afrika Okt14 973Driving up the Head where the walk down would start!
Zuid Afrika Okt14 993The big Turtoise next to the road 🙂

The nature reserve is privatly owned. It is protected with a big fence around it so you can not enter it without paying for it. If you want the great view on the opposite site of the heads you should enter the park.

Zuid Afrika Okt14 995Once we walked down the path we got that great view. The woman that lead the tour already told us that in ancient times many ships didn’t made the way through this pass. It is slim…but also the water is very rough. It is very windy along the cliffs and I can imagine ships will go with the wind….into the rocks.

Zuid Afrika Okt14 1019
Zuid Afrika Okt14 1000Enjoying the great view!!
Zuid Afrika Okt14 1002While walking down I did see some animals….They were lizards. This one did his upper best to hide from me but I spotted him!! He did really a good job! Watching the pictures, it made me think of the picture I took on Juara beach, Malaysia from a small crab on the sand. It also was almost invisible too.
Zuid Afrika Okt14 997
Zuid Afrika Okt14 1011What a great camouflage!!

I also saw a seal laying on a rock on the beach far below.Zuid Afrika Okt14 1028

He was enjoying the sun and a scrub on the rock 🙂

 At some point you could walk down to a cave. It has two openings to the sea, that gave it a great sight. It was very windy through those holes. In the morning when I left the lodge it was cold and a bit rainy but now the sun was shining and it was not that cold anymore, I was very happy about that!!
Zuid Afrika Okt14 1033
Path down to the cave
Zuid Afrika Okt14 1030
The cave gave a nice view at the heads also.
Zuid Afrika Okt14 1034

Zuid Afrika Okt14 1032

There were lots of flowers, trees and plants to be seen. I can imagine that if you would come back in a couple of weeks, the spring is just starting, everything is in bloom and it is even more beautyfull!!

Zuid Afrika Okt14 1051
Zuid Afrika Okt14 1003
Zuid Afrika Okt14 1004
Zuid Afrika Okt14 1005
Zuid Afrika Okt14 1040
Zuid Afrika Okt14 1041
Zuid Afrika Okt14 1048After the walk we got some nice food!! It was a buffet so you could fill up your plate as often as you wanted. The food was of a good quality!!
I really enjoyed a half day on the head!!
Zuid Afrika Okt14 1058
I booked this trip with the John Benn company.
The trip is called Featherbed Eco Experience and is not cheap, it costed me R490. ( 34 euro)
Buffet lunch is included 🙂

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