The Bright Blue Kuang Si Waterfall – Laos

When you are in Luang Prabang you surely need to visit the Kuang Si Waterfall with the great bright blue colour. Everybody is talking about this one when you visit Laos.

Kuang Si Waterfall - Safe and Healthy Travel

Bright Blue Kuang Si Waterfall

In town are all kinds of travelagencies that can arrange a trip for you. It is an half hour drive through great landscape from LP to the waterfall.
I visited with a small group and we walked up the hill together. The waterfall is surrounded with a park for which you have to pay to enter. Most of the time it is included in the trip price and so it is arranged for.

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Kuang Si Waterfall - Safe and Healthy Travel

I ofcourse started my walk at the top of the waterfall. There is a plateau from which you can see the waterfall and from where you can make nice pictures with the fall in the back of your picture. From the moment you enter the waterfall you can not miss the great bright and fresh blue colour of the water. The water comes directly from the hills and take my word for it: it’s freezing cold.

Kuang Si Waterfall -Safe and Healthy Travel

While walking down the path along the river side I entered all kinds of great rapids in the river, small waterfalls. The colour is just mesmerizing!! On the background is the lucious green of the jungle that compleets a perfect picture!!

Kuang Si Waterfall - Safe and Healthy Travel

Half way down the path I entered a swimmingpool part, situated underneath a small waterfall. You can really take a great swim there when it is really hot. It wasn’t when I was there so I didn’t went in 🙂

Almost down I saw a bear shelter. They just sit there and I thought it looked sad. They were in a far more worse situation before so they had a good shelter now, they told me. When I searched the internet I found out that Free The Bears had this shelter. They get bears out of nasty situations and try to rehabilitate them into the wild again. They also provide education to the local people to create awareness and to prefend this from happening in the future.

Bear in Shelter, Kuang Si Waterfall

On the way back to LP we visited a local village to see how they live here. I’m always so surprised to see how things are combined in such a village. They still live in a wooden shed but next to it you see a satellite dish to receive television. There is a change but it is going slowly. I

don’t know if they always want that change. It seems that some of the locals are happy with living like they did centuries ago but the teenagers and twenty something people are going to the city. For education and/or for modern time 🙂

Local Village Near Luang Prabang - Safe and Healthy Travel

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