The Beautiful Sunset on Mount Phu Si in Luang Prabang

While traveling there are lots of sunrises and sunsets from viewingpoints which are recommended to go see. On many trips I took the sunset was included to see at a certain point. So were the sunsets at the Wat’s in Cambodia and at the Sand Dunes near Mui Ne in Vietnam.
When I was in Laos they recommended to go see the sunset on Phu Si Mountain, also written as Phou Si.
The hill is located near the main street of Luang Prabang
It is a 100 meter high hill and is a local religious site. 
On the hill are several Buddhist shrines. 
At the other side of the street is the Royal Palace and ofcourse a Buddhist Temple. This temple is called Haw Pha Bang The afternoon I spend on visiting the Royal Palace and the Temple. 


Royal Palace
Buddhist Temple Haw Pha Bang
At the end of the afternoon I bought a ticket to go up the hill. The ticket costs 10.000 Kip, that is the equivalent of 2 euro’s.

The first stairs is 138 steps and from there you have a nice view at the palace and the temple. Then you have to take 190 steps up to get to the top where the a temple is located. It is called What Chom Si and is also a tourist attraction.
I was there early so not much tourists were there yet. I got myself a nice place to see the sunset. I was overlooking the Mekong river and saw the mountains behind it. It was a nice view, even without the sunset 🙂
Nam Khan River
I was a hour early so had to wait for a while. While I was waiting people kept coming up. At some point the whole hill was crowded. Everybody was waiting for the sun to sink behind the mountains. When it happened it gave a beautifull view. You heard the camera’s click and click. I took some real nice photo’s!!
I think it was really worth the climb! It is not that high but the temperatures were about 35 degrees so you don’t want to get al sweaty by exersicing 🙂
The temple was also nice, not that impressive but it had certainly a nice location. From within the temple and looking out the doorway, you a great view over the Nam Khan River. I couldn’t catch that view right on my camera unfortunately.
Great way to end a lovely day spend in Luang Prabang.
All the tourist who came up the hill
Still watching the sunset

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