Walking To My First Sunrise at Bagan, Myanmar

I arrived in the middle of the night at Bagan, Myanmar.

I was lucky to get some rest in the lobby of my hotel for a while. It was at the Thande Hotel in Old Bagan. The hotel is situated near the Irrawaddi river and next to one of the biggest temples. Early that morning I started walking to get the first look at the best sunrise!!!

At first I couldn’t get on a temple and I asked where to go. A man on a horse carrigde told me to walk ahead and to turn left at the big intersection.

I did and in no time I began to see temples, the sun and the hot air balloons! What a great sighting already.
I was really tired after a bumpy night in a not to comfortable bus but this boosted me totally 🙂

After a couple of minutes walking I also saw a big temple with many tourist on it. I was just in time to see the rest of the beautiful sunrise!!! What a great view!!!

Read also my other blog about the next days that I spend in this great area!!


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