Each Day we may Choose Differently

Each day we may choose differentlyChoose a new destination!!

Make another desicion!


At all times we may change our minds, that is the Best Part of our Free Existance.

At the age of 28 I thought to myself: “This is not what I wanted”.  I wanted to work with the police force. As a little girl that was the plan for my life. Appearently some where down the road of life I forgot all about this and I started to go another direction. I choosed differently and forgot all about this first plan.

When I finally got back to that first idea I had a less fortunate position. I didn’t had any diplomas…I didn’t finish a school or education and was busy doing other things. I had all kinds of other jobs and had a lot of experience and wisdom of life. But papers? No…I didn’t had that.
Well yes…they obviously want those.


every Next Day is the Beginning of the Rest of your Life

I decided to go work hard for this goal

I started and didn’t stop before I got where I wanted to be!

For 4 years I worked my *ss off to build that foundation. I followed different classes, trainings and schools and got that paper. At some of these schools my grades were great! Where I used to get a F or D I got an B or even an A!! My energy was effortless and everything started to come within reach.  In those years I discovered a lot about myself and got some great victories!!

We May Choose Differently

After almost 4 years I was accepted at the Police Academy!! What a Personal Victory!!

I felt like I was on top of the World!!

Sometimes I had the feeling I wasn’t able to get it anymore…but now…more then 10 years along the way it is great!! I still got my job with the police force and I have the rank of senior police officer since a couple of years 🙂

So yes!

We got all the freedom to choose again …. take that freedom and use it to your benefit!


You owe that to yourself!!


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