Use the Power of Positive Thinking to Your Advantage!

Have you mastered the power of positive thinking sufficiently? Do you ever experience how a certain way of thinking can push you in a certain direction and that when you change your thoughts you suddenly get energy again? Do you realize how this influences you? And do you also realize how you can influence your environment with this?

In this day and age … The Corona time… we have oceans of time to spend. And you can spend that time any way you want. I notice that there are quite a few people who get stuck in the thought of what they wanted to do… …and can’t quickly and easily turn to what they can do now since everything else can’t go on.

Don’t get me wrong… I would also have liked to have been on a plane to Jordan now and to float in a few days time in the Dead Sea and see the world-famous Petra… But that is not an option and I can grieve about that for a long time but that doesn’t help me and that doesn’t change my situation.

For the first time in years, I will be at home for a week… I’m not going on holiday, but I’m free… That’s new to me too!

And I’ve got a lot of things on my to-do list that I want to do! And not only because my house can use it! Because it can use that… I wonder if I’ll be able to do all that because my list is long!

It was said to me the other day, as in an accusation it came over to me 🙂 …
Yes, but you think in possibilities!

I really think… Is there any other option at all? Can you live your life to the fullest if you don’t think in terms of possibilities?

Use the Power of Positive Thinking in your Advantage!

Earlier I wrote a short piece about Mind about Matter. The principle of how I think our brains work and what I’m really convinced of!

Or about the fact that we are allowed to choose differently every day. And how about this one: Why my World is still Positive. These are older blogs I shared on the same subject.

I’m certainly aware that there are people who sometimes don’t see the end of the tunnel anymore. I also understand that some people don’t have things coming their way and it’s a bit more difficult for all of them. I also see that for some people there is not much to choose from…

But it’s never nothing! You always have a choice, you can always choose!

The power of positive thinking is so important in life and it makes your life so much easier. We have all learned to set goals and to live up to those goals. To fight for them and not just give up. That’s very good and you should definitely do that… But: Pick your battles! If you know you’re not going to make it, if you know you’re never going to win because it’s just not an option anymore…. Don’t waste your energy and move your arrow to another target!

The power of positive thinking is that you can set a new goal and that you live and work towards it with equal energy. That you commit yourself to an achievable goal, which in the end can give you energy and make you happy again.

Use the Power of Positive Thinking

And use it to your advantage!

Thoughts don’t happen to you… It’s up to you!

The more attention you give to negative thoughts, the more this is remembered (stored in your brain). The next time you think back to that memory and you have given the negative part of that experience the most attention, you get that energy back. It also works the other way around.

Bend something over from what should… to : I’d like to.
Or: I want this… how can I work my way up there in steps.

Use the Power of Positive Thinking in Your Advantage!

Thoughts can change your destiny…

Sounds like it could have far-reaching consequences on what you think. And it does! Because what you see emphasizes you and influences your next decision… What you see depends on what your thoughts emphasize and therefore what you see in a certain scene. We all know that everyone remembers situations that you experience together in a different way and that everyone has a different perspective and memory of something that happened… Make sure you see that positive side… Make sure you remember that positive side and emphasize and remember it.

I sometimes read and hear that bad thoughts form a kind of safety because then things can only get better. This is what we do unconsciously… but make yourself aware of that!

Quote of Henry Ford:
“Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right.”

Have you ever heard of the Placebo effect?

If you are convinced that a pill you take on a daily basis works, it actually has a positive effect in that area. So in this one your brain is the medicine...they did the work! Super example of the power of positive thinking. Besides that there is also the Nocebo effect. If you believe that a medicine is not going to help you, then your thoughts can reduce the effect of the medicine.

Tip: Think about that before you put your mind to it 🙂

Train your brain for positive thinking

Unfortunately, a lot of brains are trained on negative thinking. A lot is spoken from a negative perspective. This is also easy because everyone can talk and has something to say on that subject. It often becomes more difficult if one has to say something positive or come up with something nice thing to say. Then apparently more is asked of you and I sometimes have the feeling that people will share their opinion more honestly and consciously.

Make this positive thinking your own. That this becomes your way of life, that you first think positive before all kinds of negative thoughts take over. Experience the power of positive thinking to the fullest in these situations if you make other people think positively as well…

Essentially everyone wants to be happy and everyone wants to be positive, only sometimes we forget that somewhere along the way…

Train your brain for positive thinking

Meditation… Yoga … Hiking …

Go for a nice walk or do some yoga or meditation exercises. Then be aware of your thoughts and don’t allow any negative thoughts… Try not to think. Empty your thoughts and as soon as you fall back into memory or desire, you put the thought aside lovingly. Now it is time for rest, to give your thoughts your brain rest. This is what they need, even though they can hardly do it in these busy times.

You can always think about all kinds of situations and your brain likes to do so, but sometimes give priority to rest, not a thought… to clear your head… as long as you can! Believe me… After a while you will be able to do it better 🙂

Go back to the here and now and enjoy your movement (yoga), your calmness (meditation) or your surroundings (walk).

Be conscious of your thoughts

Be aware of your thoughts and then determine very consciously what you pay attention to. How much time do you allow yourself to spend on a negative thought? Does that thought make you better? Decide what you want, what you want to spend your time on and how you want your day to be influenced.

My opinion is: Bend your negative thoughts to positive thoughts at all times.

Don’t always ask yourself why… But turn that question into what can I do? So it’s not why this happens to me…but what can I do to make it different next time, or what can I do to not feel gloomy… What can I do to see it positive!

Focus your thoughts on possibilities

See the chances you get! But do take the chances you see. Everyone gets opportunities within their possibilities. Dare to seize the opportunities and then focus on what is going well! Give that attention and increase that! Don’t focus too long on what went wrong. Learn from it and use it for a positive outcome. Keep your goal in mind and enjoy all the good things you come across along the way.

I think of the moment when several colleagues asked me if I would teach yoga… That I also happen to see an update on FB from a gym looking for yoga instructors… How many questions/options do I have to pass to take this super interesting path? And no, I didn’t go to the 200RYT in Pushkar to become a yoga instructor but if I want to get better it’s so good to share! How good is it to teach, share the yoga and get better and grow together? So I went to send an email to those colleagues with a proposal to start practicing together and I showed that gym my interest to possibly start teaching #exciting

It’s a pity that the Corona virus is throwing a spanner in the works… but if we can get back together again, we will!

Putting yourself first.

Without, of course, harming anyone else. If you take good care of yourself, are satisfied and feel good about yourself, you can give more from a good heart without expecting anything in return. People will appreciate this much more than when you give and expect something in return. Giving without expectations is so much nicer! If you get something in return, it is because someone else wants to give it and not because you expected it.

Putting yourself first sounds so selfish, but if you read it differently… If I’m not a nice person, I don’t feel good about myself… Then I don’t think I’m a nice person and nice to be around. If I first work on myself and then I can be happy and radiate peace and then also help someone else there is much more to everyone’s benefit!

(I am convinced that I can work on this all my life 🙂 But every little bit helps, right?)

The Power of Positive Thinking

Living in the NOW

What happened yesterday can only be learned from, in a positive way. What happens tomorrow you can influence today by preparing well, but then it is an event of tomorrow and you live now! You work towards something by working on yourself and making yourself perform better. The power of positive thinking in visualizing is great, use this in your preparation!                   (Read point 1 in this blog, is about visualizing).

Quote of Goethe: (I translated it and couldn’t find it in English)
“Wishes are premonitions of what you are capable of actually realizing.”

It is good to often realize where you are, how you feel now and to realize that what you have is good. By doing that you live more consciously in the now. Realize that you live in a country where things are good. That you see that you have food on your plate every day and that you realize that you have more, much more, than you need to live. By only realizing that more often, you can be / become so much happier.

Laughing makes you laugh

Put that smile on your face and smile at everyone. Maybe you’re surprised at how many people give you a smile back. That alone will make you happy and cheerful! At least it will do that for me. People react so much more positively to you and you get that back in everything.

But also: By putting a smile on your face you bring out positive energy in your body. your face relaxes, your breathing becomes slower and deeper. You stimulate a lot of positive reactions in your body.

Tip: Do that, just sit down, relax and make a smile on your face. Try to really feel that smile! Feel that fine energy and relaxation that the smile causes go through your body!

And of course… By laughing, endorphins are released into your body. This is a natural pain reliever and a substance that makes you feel good. And who wouldn’t want that?!

Did you know that our brains secrete 34 substances? Some relieve pain, fight infections or strengthen the immune system. Research at UCLA’s The Brain Research Institute has shown that 5 minutes of intense laughter or positive thinking causes a 53% increase in substances in our blood (= 53% increase in our blood’s ability to fight diseases)..

Use the Power of Positive Thinking in your Advantage

I look forward to my week off in good spirits 🙂

Day 1 (a Saturday) I spent on this blog,
enjoying the sunshine in my backyard and doing nothing 🙂

I made a list of things I’d like to do this week. One of them is painting the attic. A while back I had already ordered some nice wall stickers in India (Thank you Smriti!!), they are here…I also ordered the paint but it hasn’t arrived yet… So I can’t start with that yet in my gym … but I can do sports 🙂 I’m going to make an extensive clip this week about how you can easily work into the handstand!

That’s what I promised in this blog about the Handstand you really have to do!

Besides, it’s perfect weather to prepare my garden for summer. I do have sun somewhere in my garden at any time of the day, so just sitting outside is no problem…

What are you going to do with al this extra time?
Do you have a lot of free time or are you just very busy?

Can you do anything with this information I’m sharing?
I’d love to hear it from you!

Use the Power of Positive Thinking in your Advantage

If you share this inspiration, I would love it!

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I hope you enjoy this world as much as I do!