Hitchhiking on a Shabbat in Israel

Everybody that you will ask about Israel will probably tell you not to visit. I can tell you why they will say that…They listen to the 8 o’clock news too much!!

I’ll tell you this! Everybody should go to Israel!! It is a great country with a huge, impressive and wonderful history!! The food is amazing!! And the people are so friendly, so helpfull and so sweet!!! This is what makes a country great!!
Hitchhiking on a Shabbat in Israel
Taking a Yogapose in Ein Gedi National Park

Today, it’s a Friday, is Shabbat in Israel. When you are traveling you tend to forget which day it is. Most of the times that doesn’t matter at all. Things on tourism will go on and you can travel, take trips or take your relaxing day where ever you want.

Today my plan was to go from Masada, Israel to Haifa also in Israel ofcourse 🙂 Then I found out yesterday, just after the start of Shabbat, that there were no buses running the whole day. I should’ve left a couple of hours earlier and there wouldn’t been a problem.. but I had booked another night and wanted a relax afternoon…. If only I knew 😉

Hitchhiking on a Shabbat – Israel

So I started to ask other tourists at my hostel at the foot of the Masada where they were heading there next day. Most of them looked at me weirdly..What is she asking and why?? I explained that I got stuck here because of Shabbat and I actually wanted to go to Haifa.

Most of the people were traveling in groups and I have spoken with a pastor of a group but he couldn’t help me. He only explained me about Shabbat. I talked to families and couples… They were heading the opposite direction or were a bit scared. It’s oke. I can imagine that…. Although I don’t look that impressive I think 😉

I made up mind. I would stay for the day and go swim at the Dead Sea again.
What a nasty day that would be 😉

I would go Hitchhiking on a Shabbat

Best Idea Ever 🙂

Only…There was no bus to take me there on Shabbat. So I started to think about hitchhiking… I did it when I was younger… And I did it once on the island of Ibiza.. and now I’ll do it again!  I felt safe during my week here in Israel. The people were so nice and friendly!! I felt good doing this.

Hitchhiking on a Shabbat in Israel

So I walked down to the road that would get me to Ein Bokek. He place I was before and enjoyed a great swim in the Dead Sea. Even before reaching that road I sat in the rented car of two German tourists. I had asked them yesterday and they recognized me ofcourse. They would go to Eilat…But now they went for a swim in Ein Bokek and later would they check out! Great!

 This was working out great!!

Hitchhiking on a Shabbat!

I enjoyed my swim and the sun for a couple of hours at the Dead Sea. Went in twice and rinsed off real good. Put on my clothes again in the changing booths and started walking towards the main road again.

 Hitchhiking on a Shabbat in IsraelDead Sea Salt on my legs 😉

A couple of cars went by, some of them I saw a wave of a hand…Saying sorry the car is full.. they couldn’t have taken me. Before getting to the main road this bus stopped. A young  Israeli couple was inviting me in. How great!! I sat down in between two seats for children in the back.

Hitchhiking on a Shabbat in Israel

Hitchhiking on a Shabbat in Israel

They had a great weekend in Ein Bokek and enjoyed their time at a hotel. Sometimes they need a break from their 2 and 6 year old children!! I asked them if they were in the Dead Sea too? They swimming pool of their hotel had water from the Sea so they had been floating too!! We had a nice conversation and before I knew it we were in front of my hostel. They had taken the turn and went all the way!! How sweet is that?

To top that off with a fresh bottle of water!! She insisted on giving me. The shops are closed and you need water! She made me so happy!!

 Hitchhiking on a Shabbat in Israel

There are so many good people in his world!! Dont believe the news all the time…And your protective family! Use your own experience and feel your own instinct!!

I love the Israeli people!!

Do you have good experiences like this?
Please share them with me!!

Hitchhiking on a Shabbat in Israel

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