Cookingclass at Silom Cookingschool – Bangkok

I’m not that great of a cook…I fantasize while cooking and mix things.. In my mind I make those great dishesI tasted while traveling. Often it tastes good but never as it should be and how I tasted as where I tasted it for the first time.

I Love Taking Cookingclasses While Traveling

Voor de Nederlandse versie van Kookles bij Silom in Bangkok

Silom Cookingclass Bangkok

 Good preparations will safe a lot of time 🙂

Because I would love to take that great taste with my to my house I started to take cookingclasses while abroad. I want to take one in every country I visit. That way I can get a bit of the culture back to my house and enjoy it later on again. While I was in Thailand I got a class offered through TBEX Asia. This class was given at Silom Cookingschool in Bangkok.

Silom Cooking School in Bangkok – Thailand

With a whole group of fellow travelbloggers we went to the neighbouhood where the class was given. First we walked on the local market, to see the vegetables, meats and fruits and ofcourse buy the last groceries for the class. In most classes this is done and it gives you a great view on what you can buy and gives you the oppurtunity to ask questions about strange products we don’t know at home 🙂

Silom Kookles Bangkok

Silom Cookingclass Bangkok

Visiting a Local Market is always a part of the Cooking Class

When we got to the school we all sat down at this long table. We got a small introduction by the ‘teacher’ or ‘cook’ and we went upstairs. There were the cookers set, there were at least 20 cookers set for people to cook at. Two long tables with space in between where our cook could walk and help us when necessary. Also nice to have someone standing besides you…and in front of you. If I missed a step I could peak at those two for answers 😉 We started to cook simultaneously and that can go quite quick especially when you need to make picture too!!

Silom Kookles Bangkok

The first dish we got to cook was a delicious Thom Ka Kai. The cook started to cook and it went so quick, all the ingredients were already set in front of our cooker. When we started to cook we had to insert the ingredients quickly which were placed in front of the wok. It had to be done in the right order to get that one great flavour right! I love the Thom Ka Kai so I was eager to taste it. Unfortunately there are a couple of ingredients that aren’t available in Holland, at least not fresh.. so the taste will always be different at home.

Silom Kookles Bangkok

After the soup was done we poored it in a bowl and went down to eat. It was as great as I expected!!

Silom Kookles Bangkok

 We also got to make the following delicious dishes:

Silom Kookles Bangkok

Silom Kookles Bangkok

Oh…when I look at these dishes I feel like getting back on a plane to Asia and eat my heart out!! When you prepare a dish at home it always has a different angle in taste… how often you try to get that same balance of flavours…and how easy at seemed to be while making it in the class…

Silom Kookles BangkokThe Delicious Dishes of Silom – Cooking Class in Bangkok

When we left we all got that great recipe booklet to try and make it at home. All kinds of dishes are explained in a step by step manner and you can try to make it at home. I loved it and did try to make the Thom Ka Kai at home, for christmas dinner with my family. They all loved it!! Even though I missed just the finishing Thai touch on it 🙂

My family obviously didn’t knew that one and loved my soup!!

Silom Cookingschool Bangkok

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