Travel Advice: Is a country safe to travel to?

A lot of countries are labeled as not safe. That you should  not travel by yourself or maybe not go at all.

Is that always true? Or does the gouvernment wants to make sure nothing happens and take that advice in a really early stage?

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I had never traveled to a country where a negative advice, given by the gouvernment, for traveling was given. I did go to Turkey, already 13 years ago. At that point there was commotion in Syria and Iraq. A fellow traveler didn’t go because of that. I will never forget that. We had a great holiday and of course hadn’t felt any insecurities. I do think that when the commotion was in Turkey itself I might have changed my plans.

All the Asian countries I have visited in the last years are so safe and peaceful. I did go to Myanmar where the politics aren’t that stabile yet. I went high up in the Shan State and while hiking there the guide told me that the army ruled instead of the police. He even told me that the police dressed in citizen clothes to not be regocnized by the army. But I didn’t felt any unsafe moments walking there.


When I go travel solo I always feel a bit excited. I do think it is good too, to feel some tension. It also means I’ll be alert and guarded. To much of those feelings aren’t good of course. It should not controll you and influence your appearence. People do feel it when you’re not at eas or are insecure. Unfortunately people that haven’t got the best intentions are the ones that use that feeling to use your insecurity to their benefit. Wether your abroad or in your homecountry this can happen to you everywhere. The feeling that you can call 112 / 911 more easy or get to your friends or family when your at home gives you that feeling of being more secured.

Will it be ok?

Every start of every travel I get that feeling….will it be oke again?

Will it all be that easy as the last time? And every travel it goes well and most of the time as easy as the last time. Sometimes there is some more challenge but that’s oke. You can work for it, can you? When things aren’t that easy you’ll be challenged to be creative and inventive. By that you will get new insights/realizations and isn’t that why we travel and live in the first place?

On my next big and long travel I want to go explore South America. I have the feeling that there is more criminality over there then there is in Asia. I hear more about drugwars or criminal activities on the news. But still, when asked travelers about their experiences they tell me it is oke to travel. I shouldn’t be worried about that. The same as I tell about every country I have visited yet. So again we are at giving the same advice: when you are responsable and act safe you don’t have to worry. Also in your homecountry you shouldn’t be wandering around the streets at night too. Things can happen there as well as they can while traveling,  where ever you are.

Increased Risk of  War?

When there is an increased risk of war you really shouldn’t go there. But shouldn’t you because a bomb has exploded? Well, a lot of destinations will be unsafe if you look it like that. A couple of years ago a bomb exploded in the centre of London. Or what about Paris, people got shot there last year.. Or in Tunis, a fellow blogger was there at the moment the bomb exploded but the rest of her travel in Tunis was great! So I really think you shouldn’t be stopped because of that. When one bomb has exploded somewhere doesn’t mean another one will too.

Be alert

What I do want to say is that it can happen everywhere. Most accidents happen in the home environment. So most people feel safe at home but statistically you’re more safe anywhere else 🙂

Always Be Alert! When you see situations that aren’t common sense, right or logical? Report it to the authorities. For instance, do you see a person that is dressed like it is winter time, in summer.. and doesn’t take of any clothes even thought he/she sweats… Someone who leaves a package somewhere without looking back to it and leaves…

Situations that are out of the ordinary, especially at airports or trainstations, needs to be reported.

For me, when I’m working as an police-officer, I’d rather have one report to many that turns out to be nothing then one situation that isn’t reported but is a real problem!

Have you ever cancelled a trip because of a negative traveladvice? Was that good or did you think afterwards that you just as well could’ve gone there? I would love to hear from you!