Nature Reserve, Scherfede Warburg/Hardehausen – Germany

We came at an open area in the forest and all of a sudden we saw a couple of big cows standing in that area. These were a lot bigger than the ones I know that are common in this part of Europe. I was happy to see them standing behind a big fence so they couldn’t get to us. I heard later that they were Wisenten.


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We didn’t only see the Wisenten, or European Bison, but also the Tarpan Horses and the wild boar. We had a tour of the parc’s gamekeeper and he told us with passion about his work in this parc. The Wisenten were imported from Poland and got an area of 80 hectare. This area is also meant for other wild animals like the Tarpan Horse and the Wild Boar. Ever since the start of this nature reserve, in 1958, there are 100 Wisente born here and 170 Tarpan Horses. How great is that?

 Wild Boar




A wisent can grow to an 800 kilos. He can be 3 metres long and 1.60 metres high. It can live to an age of around 20. It feeds on grass and herbs and all kinds of green.

 Nature Reserve

In this parc they have a couple of watch towers. These are made of wood and are nature friendly. These are designed by architect J. Natterer, he wanted to use as less non natural material as possible. The steps are made of big pieces of wood, they are so long that both sides are being used as steps. So on one side you go up and on the other side you go down. On both sides you can not see the other one. It is so simple but appearently this method of building a stairs is not used that much.



If you are in the area around warburg you certainly need to go and take a walk in this great parc. You’ll see the nature but also those great ancient animals!!