Walking through Warburg, Germany

Walking through the 1000 year old Hanzeatic city of Warburg shows you an authentic city. As many German cities the innercity is surrounded by a wall. This wall is in certain parts still there, it is great to see that at some parts it has integrated with the houses. At those houses the back wall or side wall is the old wall.

WarburgWe were on a cycling tour so before entering the city, we got some great views on the city.

Warburg view

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View on Warburg

WarburgThe houses integrated with the old wall

Old City Warburg

Walking inside the old city of Warburg shows you some great typical black/white German houses. And also the shields outside a shop are the best!The city will give the citizins with an old house community benefits to maintain the house on a authentic way. I also heard that every year there is a price to win for the person with the best and most beautiful house. This is of course also a good reason to maintain your house and make it as beautiful as possible.

Warburg City

Rose in Warburg


House Warburg

Doorpiece Warburg

We, as a group of the police, justice and the fire department, were invited at the mayor. He told us full of enthusiasm about his city. He is really proud of it. He works hard on getting tourism in his city and surrounding area. He told about a lot of Dutch that are vacating every year near the lake. And of course they will come to his town.

Cityhall WarburgEntrance of City Hall

Cityhall WarburgSitting in this great room, spoken to by the Mayor

Citywall WarburhCity Wall

View over Warburg

Panorama view Warburg

Old Wall WarburgWalking on the old wall

When you leave the new city hall and descend on the university side you will come by a viewingpoint you need to see. There is a old canon which stands on the old wall. The panorama view over the city is great!

Church WarburgViewing Point

Canon Warburg

The old town and surrounding area are great to spend a day or two.  In the area is a hill, well actually, it is a vulcan which you can climb. It is called the Desenberg and if you want to know more about my visit there, click here

I just had to do a Yoga pose on this great wall behind City Hall

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