Postcard from Iceland – Icelandic Horses

Driving through Iceland with your own rented car gives you some advantages. I got to stop where ever I wanted and I like that! That also gave me the freedom to do some yogaposes at places where I otherwise couldn’t have been because normal busses / touringcars couldn’t stop there.

Postcard - Iceland

I love to have that kind of freedom. This was my second time driving a car alone in another country. Last summer in Spain did the same, great!!

My first roadtrip in Iceland, I did two of two days each… was the Golden Circle. After all the highlights you should see I went to Fludir. The Secret Lagoon is a hotspring in Fludir and I went for a relaxing nightswim! It was great! I came there when it was dark and had a great time.

Icelandic Horses – Fludir, Iceland

Just before entering the village of Fludir I saw these little Icelandic Horses along the road. I just had to stop and take some pictures. I just love how they turned out to be! I love the light, I love those little horses and I love how you can just see enough to know that they are wonderful!!

Postcard - Iceland - Icelandic Horses

Don’t you love this one?