The Borobudur on Java, Indonesia

Check out these great rows of stupas on the Borobudur on Java!!

The Borobudur on Java, Indonesia

I love those rows of Stupa’s and the views over the background, the jungle!!

In January 2012 I was on Java, Indonesia. Really enjoyed my visit there a lot. I loved the people, they were kind and helpful! I traveled from Jakarta to the other end of the island to go to Bali!

A temple you can not miss to visit is ofcourse the Borobudur on Java.  I loved my visit there, walking through the stupas!! Feeling the ancient old history there.

The Borobudur on Java, Indonesia

The Great Borobudur

To see the Borobudur on the end of the road rising up high, it’s impressive! It is much higher than I expected. Well, it is build with 9 platforms, each with several Buddha statues.

The Borobudur on Java, Indonesia

At the first platforms there are many carvings in the stone and there are differint influences you can see. You see Hindu and Buddha signs on the building. In the time when the Borobudur was build there were Hindu and Buddhist rulers on Java.

The Borobudur on Java, Indonesia

The Borobudur, or Barabudur, is a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Magelang, in Central Java. It is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE.
The building has a form of a giant tantric buddhist Mandala when viewed from above.

The Borobudur on Java, Indonesia

The Borobudur on Java, Indonesia
I had to rent a skirt because my short were too short. So you need to take a sarong with you or wear something longer. But you can always, just as I did, rent something 🙂

Did you know?

There are 72 Buddha statues in total on the Borobudur. 

Many of those statues are inside the stupas. They say that it brings luck to you when you touch the Buddha inside the stupa. So that is what I did ofcourse. That year was my best year ever, vacation-wise, that is. I was 11 weeks travelling that year, so I was very happy and lucky!! 🙂

The Borobudur on Java, Indonesia

 The Borobudur on Java, Indonesia
The Stonewalls are beautifully carved.

I just walked around and around. There are so many people on the Borobudur you can hardly make a picture without any people on it. I just managed to make one without, it is my greatest picture of the whole holiday.

The Borobudur on Java, Indonesia
Touching the statue of Buddha inside…
For good luck!!

The Borobudur on Java, Indonesia

Seeing the world over Buddha’s shoulder

The Borobudur on Java, IndonesiaDo you see the vulcano Mt Merapi in the background?

The area is surrounded with jungle.  And there is also another temple to visit there, it’s called Prambanan. A part of this trip was also to visit that one ofcourse. Also a great building. It is a 9th century Hindu temple, the largest one of Indonesia and one of the biggest in South East Asia. The main tower of the temple is 47 metres high.

The Borobudur on Java, Indonesia

The Borobudur on Java, Indonesia

The borobudur on Java

I loved visiting this place. It is unique in the world and I would love to come back one day!!

Have you been here? How did you like it?

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