Sauna above the sea – Bastad, Sweden

Every now and then a sauna is the best thing!! I’m going regurarly with my sister in law and those days are the best! So calming and relaxing!! But what sauna is the most beautiful one I have ever visited?

After a couple of days cycling through the great landscape of Sweden I entered Båstad. I had read about the unique sauna they have above the sea.

I really wanted to warm myself and try the real Swedish sauna!!

Sauna boven zee - Bastad, Zweden

Sauna above the sea – Bastad, Sweden

This sauna I was visiting belonged to Hotel Skansen but you don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to be able to use the sauna. I went to the reception of the hotel and could walk on to the sauna to register and pay there.

  • Did you know that the sauna above the sea is called a Kallbadhuset in Sweden?

Sauna above the sea - Bastad, Sweden

If you are not a guest of the hotel you pay an entrance fee and I was happy to 🙂 I got a big towel and she showed me the room where I could change my clothes.. The ladies side of the sauna..

Sorry? Change my clothes??

I was very surprised to hear that it is normal to use the sauna in Sweden in your bathingclothes.

The woman I spoke at the entrance, an employee of the hotel, told me that I wasn’t the only one surprised about that. I Sweden it is not done to be naked in a public sauna. They are naked ofcourse in their own private saunas…but in the public ones you were your bikini..

Sauna boven zee - Bastad, Zweden

Sauna above the sea - Bastad, Sweden

I didn’t do a yoga pose this time 🙂

It was really quiet when I got there so I had all the time to get dressed and make some pictures. After that it took hours before I got out again. I loved the heat of the sauna, the quietness and the great view!!

After a while I needed to cool down and I descended into the sea!!

From the terrace there was a stairs going into the sea. Just slowly I let myself sink into the cold sea! The water was kind of rough and when I got in there it was great swimming there. But getting out was a bit difficult. The waves were giving me a hard time easily go back on the stairs. I loved the experience of dipping in the cold sea from out of the sauna!!

I sat down after a while in the comfortable ‘livingroom’. I had a great time and spend my whole afternoon in the sauna!

Sauna boven zee - Bastad, Zweden

Cost & opening hours

to go to the

Sauna above the sea in Bastad

  • When you are not a guest at hotel Skansen you need to pay 120 Swedish Krona, that is around 13.50 dollar. If you are a guest you need to take the spa package and then it is free for you to use otherwise you’ll pay 75 Swedish Krona.

  • In the morning the sauna is open for a couple of hours and in the afternoon from 14.00 till 19.00 hours it is open. There are some exeptions so you better check the site of  Hotel Skansen

Sauna above the sea - Bastad, Sweden

Do you see the bubblebath outside too?

Isn’t that great?

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I hope you like this world as much as I do!!