Hiking Luxembourg Lee Trail – Escapardenne Lee Trail

Have you ever heard of the Escapardenne Lee Trail? It’s a hiking trail in Luxembourg that leads you through the Sure valley of the Ardennes of Luxembourg in 53K. I was searching for a short hikingtrip for a weekend to spend with fellow travelblogger Antonette of we12travel. Looking for hiking suggestions Luxembourg the Lee Trail was the perfect fit for an extended weekend. But that the last weekend of june would be have heat wave wasn’t planned. I am lucky to love the sun and temperatures and did walk the entire Lee Trail feeling happy!

The Luxembourg Lee Trail is a hikingtrail rated from moderate to expert in the small European country of Luxembrug. It is ideal for a short hiking holiday in Europe. The trail is 53K long and I advise you to do it in 3 days. This hiking adventure is mostly in natural trails and make sure to bring enough water and food along for the day as there is not much to buy once on the trail.

If you get to the site of Escapardenne you’ll find the Lee Trail goes from Ettelbruck to Kautenbach mostly. As the trail is signed for both ways we decided to do it the other way around. The last day was the longest and we wanted to do it on the first as that would be the coolest day with temperatures just below 30 degrees. The other days would go over and would be less heavy if we took it like this. I have read that hikers did the hiking trip in 2 days but for us it was the best to do the Lee Trail in 3 days.

Hiking Luxembourg Lee Trail - Escapardenne Lee Trail

Visit Luxembourg –  Go Hike the Lee Trail

Preparing the Lee Trail

We decided to go camping to I took my tent, sleepingbag and sleeping mat with me. I needed to take my 60+10 lt backpack with me to get it all in. It was not ideal but I don’t have everything in ultralight for an ultralight trekking adventure as this was my first camping trip while hiking. I took also some energy bars with muesli, nuts and fruit. 2 big bottles for water on both sides of my bag. And the minimum needed clothes and toiletry was added.

I did take my percolator to make some coffee…and so I also took some creamer and sugar. Antonette took a small camping stove so we had a fresh cup of coffee each morning before taking off on the Lee Trail!

  • It is not allowed to camp in the nature in Luxembourg, you can get a fine of €140. We did see some spots that were perfect for camping along the trail and it seemed to be used that way also…

Our first night was in Ettelbruck. If you start this hike in Kautenbach as we did I would advise to take the train the first evening and sleep in Kautenbach but we arrived later in the evening and didn’t feel like traveling anymore. But otherwise we could have started earlier the next morning on the Lee Trail.

Ettelbruck Lee Trail

You can easily park your car at the trainstation. It is free parking at the P&R parkinglots. It is for both the same, Kautenbach and Ettelbruck. The trains are only one per hour and so we were around 10.30 in Kautenbach to start our hiking Luxembourg Lee Trail!! The train was really cheap though…and I heard that they want to make it a free service later on.

There is also the Eisleck Trail, you can do that one in 5 stages as it is 106K. This multi day hiking trip starts in Kautenbach and ends in La Roche-en-Ardenne. I really feel the challenge to do this trail somewhere next year!

And if you want to explore Luxembourg more afterwards there is the Mullerthal Trail that takes you into the area also called little Switzerland for 112 K!

  • Lee Trail accommodations: That first night we stayed at camping Ettelbruck for €22 a night per person with each a tent.

Hiking Luxembourg Lee Trail - Escapardenne Lee Trail

They do serve a great dinner, they have a nice restaurant and a bakery service in the morning. I have to say that the camping is situated along a bigger road and the whole night we heard traffic passing by.

Hiking Luxembourg Lee Trail

Day 1 Lee Trail * Kautenbach – Goebelsmuhle 22K

That first day we did some shopping in Ettelbruck and got the train around 10.15 and started around 1.0.30 our trail. At the P&R (Parking and Travel) area are signs with explanation and such to help you along the way.

Kautenbach Lee Trail

Prepare yourself for a steep climb because we were climbing immediatly to get some great views over the landscape of Luxembourg. After a climb that warmed up our muscles, directly in the sun, we came to a part that gave us some more shade and a bit of wind to cool us down.

Hiking Luxembourg Lee Trail

Escapardenne Lee Trail

Hiking Luxembourg - Escapardenne Lee Trail
Wildlife on the Lee Trail

Just before the village of Hoscheid I was surprised to see a small white church. It is in the middle of nowhere and looks really sweet standing there on a small elevated area. Inside are some benches and an altar with a statue of Maria and Jesus.

Kerkje op de Lee Trail

Arriving in Hoscheid we took a break we really needed! It was hot and we needed some refreshing sodas. We sat down and I took off my shoes to cool and dry my feet. We ordered a soup to get some salt in our body as we were sweating a lot in this heat. We needed to hike for another 6K because in Hoscheid is a hotel but not a camping.

Klangwanderweg - Lee Trail - Luxembourg
We walked on the Klangwanderweg. Really nice to see what they all made to make some music and rythms. I really liked seeing that!

In those last 6 K on this day I was so happily surprised with this last piece!! All of a sudden we were hiking on a mountain ridge. I loved it!! I think it was the best part to hike on of the whole trail!! On day 3 was also a highlight…but this was really impressive!

Hiking on the Lee in Luxembourg

Did you know that Lee is translated in Mountain Ridge from the Luxembourg language? So the route is named after this part of the route and I do get why it has earned it!! I really loved this amazing part of the Lee Trail!!

Hiking Luxembourg

And that last part of the trail was quite long. It turned out to be 19.30 in the evening when we got to our camping spot for that night. We were heading towards a well deserved night rest in the tent 🙂 I slept like a baby that night on my thin sleeping mat and in my thick sleeping bag.

Camping on the Lee Trail

  • Lee Trail accommodation: We were at Camping Du Nord just passed Goebelsmuhle. The route goes along the entrance of this camping. In summertime they have a snack car and so you can buy some food in the evening. I paid per person with tent €11!

We were putting up our tents and a Dutch couple came to us to offer us food! How sweet is that? They had their last day and went home early next morning. They offered us their last food, some leftover dinner and a tomato and olives!

That tasted just great!!

Day 2 Lee Trail * Goebelsmuhle – Bourscheid du Moulin 13K

The next morning we tried to head out a bit earlier because of the upcoming heat. Still it was 8.30 before we left Goebelsmuhle and went on the Lee Trail for day 2. The first climb was exactly opposite the camping and took us immediatly up for some good views.

Hiking Luxembourg Lee Trail

Hiking holiday Luxuembourg

We came along a deserted hotel and some houses and went up to Gods Finger. You only see the Finger when you are in front of it. It is a big, huge rock that points to the sky, like Gods Finger. I couldn’t get a good picture of it unfortunately. When you are standing in front of it you’re too close and afterwards we didn’t got a see it again. It would be like seeing a huge mohawk sticking out of the forest with one really high one (Finger of God).

Hiking Luxembourg Lee Trail

Lee Trail - Luxembourg

Hiking Luxembourg 3 days Lee Trail
Gods Finger

The path that lead us to the Finger was great. It goes along the mountain and you’ll be protected by a iron fence not to fall down. If you get out of the forest it is a couple of minutes along the road to go back into the forest. There I came upon a viewingpoing called Rouschtert and I hoped on getting a view on Gods Finger… But no…It gave me another great view over the landscape of Luxembourg.

It was a good place to sit down and drink some water!!

Lee Trail - Luxembourg

The highest spot of this trek was yet to come, it is the Napoleonsknappchen. This spot is on an altitude of 505 meters and is situated on a plain. There is a viewingpoint and a tree which was planted in honour of the son of Napoleon, this is not the real tree anymore…that one was cut down by Germans in WWII.

Hiking Luxembourg Lee Trail

Escapardenne Lee Trail

  • Lee Trail accommodation: Camping du Moulin. It was a really nice camping along the river Sauer. In Bourscheid we had a great dinner at the Brasserie du Vieux Moulin “Am Keller” and at the camping itself is a small supermarket where you can buy some food and drinks. The camping was per person with tent €5.50

Escapardenne Lee Trail
Cooling down in the river Sauer – Camping du Moulin

Hiking Luxembourg Lee Trail

Day 3 Lee Trail * Boursheid du Moulin – Ettelbruck 18K

The Lee Trail is along this camping so we could hike on the next morning. Just after the brigde in Bourscheid du Moulin we crossed the street and headed into the forest to climb up to a great viewingpoint. In a short while we ascended around 240 meters.

Lee Trail 3 days - Luxembourg

The view on the meandering river Sauer through the Luxembourg landscape! I really get why they got this viewingpoint here to sit down and to enjoy the view to its fullest!

As on other spots we saw you can go paragliden here too. That would be so great!! Just a while ago I did that for the first time in Nepal!! See my clip on paragliden

Escapardenne Lee Trail
Viewingpoint Gringlee

My hiking companion had a really tough time, mostly because of the weather. I do love the warmth and summer but she didn’t. On top of that she had troubles with grass as she has a grass allergy. The paths weren’t really wide and so the grass was constantly scratching her legs. You could see them turning more red and irritated by the day. After the climb to Gringlee viewingpoint it was too much for her, after a couple of K’s to Michelau she got the train for the last part. It was still 10K to go for me…

For her it was the best thing to do, it took some courage to take the Safe and Healthy way!!

I respect that deeply!

Hiking Luxembourg Lee Trail
View over Michelau

Her train took her in 3 minutes to Ettelbruck as for me it would take me hiking for another 3 to 4 hours. The paths were great but it was really hot with temperatures over 30 degrees. I went up after Michelau and got to hike a forest where I had a steep descent to a viewingpiont Predigtstuhl. I was really curious about it, it sounded like that great spot in Norway 🙂

Lee Trail
The great view at Predigtstuhl

I climb up here… There is a fench and ofcourse I stayed behind that one. I sat down for a while and let the wind cool me down a bit. I loved the view I was getting there!!

I was around noon at Predigthstuhl and walked again for another 2.5 hours to finally get to Ettelbruck totally sweaty but really happy to have finished the hike. If the path spits you out of nature you are just behind the trainstation and there I parked my car. When I got there Antonette came to me with a cool bottle of water and a can of Fanta.. Those were gone in 5 minutes!!

Lee Trail 3 days - Luxembourg
Last picture I took before heading into Ettelbruck

Hiking in Luxembourg

Go hike the Lee Trail

The Trail in figures :

  • 2000m of elevation gain
  • More than 60% natural trail
  • Less than 20% with an asphalted surface
  • 16 natural sites crossed or followed
  • 32 outstanding views
  • 1 town and 10 villages or hamlets crossed.

Want to read more about the Lee Trail and the other hiking trails of Luxembourg? Check the site of Escapardenne that has all the info and maps you need.

I do place short clips on YouTube from travels and hikes. Would love it if you go and check those out! Sharing the Lee Trail here for you!

Lee Trail on YouTube

Retrospect hiking Luxembourg Lee Trail

I loved my 3 days on the Lee Trail in the Luxembourg Ardennes. I really loved the challenge it gave me to hike 53K with a backpack of over 11K. It is scaled into moderate to expert difficulty and because of the steep ascending and descending parts and hardly any stops, villages or benches I think it is a pretty tough hike.

I did love the panoramas the trail gave us at different parts! To be rewarded with such a great view after a steep climb is just the best!! I loved that!

The hiking paths were really narrow at times. Also because it is early summer nature is overgrowing quickly by grass, nettle and blackberry bushes. That turned out to be desastrous for my hiking buddy because of an allergy.

Hiking Luxembourg Lee Trail - Escapardenne Lee Trail

Lee Trail – 3 dagen – Practical

I hiked with my hikingpoles these days again. They really came in handy to make way on the paths that were overgrown, also to beat the nettles so they don’t irritate anymore. But at the steep parts of the route it is good to have the hikingpoles for extra stability and for extra support. Next to that, I hike faster and with less effort on the plain areas with my hikingpoles. So it saves me energy too!!

Read more about More Safety with Trekkingpoles

We both had a backpack of around 11K on our back. We took our own tent with us and if necessary we could make our own dinner. But they do have a bagage transfer if you don’t want to carry much on the route. You can have it brought to your next overnight stay by car. Don’t let this stop you from going on a hiking holiday in Luxembourg and go hike the great Lee Trail in 3 days!!

Lee Trail Luxembourg
The wonderful view at Gringlee – Bourscheid du Moulin

Packinglist Lee Trail with tent

I took my 60 + 10 lt backpack with me because I was carrying a big sleepingbag. I can’t get it smaller then the 35 cm length in a 25cm volume pressure bag. I did sleep really good in it!! Most important ofcourse.

  • My backpack is the Berghaus Rigdeway 60+10
  • The sleepingbag is Camp Gear: Sleeping bag Comfort Deluxe XXL (it weighs 2.2 K)
  • My sleepingmat is the Bo-Camp Mummy 3.0 (it weighs 620 gr. and is 16 with 26 cm when packed)
  • My tent is the Qeuchua Quickhiker Ultralight ( it weighs just over 2K and when packed the volume is 40-15-15 )

Because I really like my  cup of coffee in the morning…I have to admit that I am that kind of cop 🙂 I did take my percolator with me for a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. I also took some milk and sugar. My travelcompagnon Anto took a gas burner for camping use.

For clothes I just took the necessary underwear, two shirts and two tanktops, a halflong yogapants and a short one. I took 4 pair of socks and my flipflops for the evenings. I did took my bikini..just in case. Unfortunately I didn’t use it…

Yoga on the Lee Trail @ Gringlee
Yoga on the Lee Trail has to be part of the journey

What did I take in my beauty case? I had a small toothpaste and my toothbrush. I had a small bottle of shampoo, bodylotion and some facial sunblock. Those were around 100 a 150ml. Also a small deodorant. I took some tape against blisters and some blisterbandage. A quick drying towel and a roll of toiletpaper….Just in case…

Muesly-, fruit- and nutbars as food along the way. A liter bottle for water and my lifestraw (750ml) where always with me. It was hot this weekend and we needed more in fact.

I didn’t took my compact camera but only my smartphone so all the pictures you see are made with the Huawei P20. I did took a small tripod with me.

A small First Aid Kit is always in my backpack.

Before leaving I weigh myself and the back and it was around 10K. So on the Lee Trail with my water it was around 11K.

Lee Trail in 3 dagen - Luxemburg
Slow worm on the Lee Trail

Hiking Luxembourg Lee Trail also a Challenge for you?

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