Weird Things you See in Asian Toilets

On my travels I often meet with the ‘hole in the ground’ toilet. At least that’s how I call them. I think they’re unpractical and I really don’t like to ‘hang’ above such a hole. In Asia most toilets are like that, unfortunately.

Do you have any experience with those?

Have you found a way to make things easier for yourself?

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Weird Things you See in Asian ToiletsThe toilet during my trekking in Hsipaw, Shan State of Myanmar

One day I saw a woman sitting on a western toilet. She hadn’t closed the door properly so somebody opened it to go in and there she was sitting the other way around on the toilet. She was facing the wall…..instead of facing the door.

It took me a while before I figured out why she was sitting like that. At some point I had that ‘pling’ moment in my brain…AAAH, they use the hole in the ground facing the wall.

Weird Things you See in Asian ToiletsThe toilet I had in my guesthouse at the Taman Negara, Malaysia.

It does make sense if you see the shape of the hole….but yes….I think if somebody from Asia would see me using their toilet they would’ve looked the same as I looked at te woman I saw using a western toilet. I was using their toilet also the wrong way for a long time.. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought it was so logical about how to use the toilet?!? Well yes, for me it is.. For them it’s also logical about the use of their toilet!! 🙂

But why I started this blog was because they get explanations about the toilet. They have signs for that! I hadn’t had any explanation about using their toilet. The sign is to show them how to sit on the toilet….instead of standing on it 🙂

 Because that is also a thing happening?  Standing on the toilet?

Haven’t seen that one yet 🙂

Weird Things you See in Asian Toilets

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