Yes I Travel Alone… I’m Single

Yes, I’m single…maybe I am single because I want to at a certain point. I always state that I’m not looking for someone but if he crosses my path, our lifes will fit, I would love to…but…

Now I’m master of my own destiny, I know what I want and I know where I am. I’ve got some goals set and that’s where I’m going. I don’t let myself get destracted by another, to help the other achieve their prioritising the goals of the other… and because of that shifting my own self to the side.

This might sound egoistic but I don’t want to think looking back that I could’ve done things I didn’t do because I gave my time and energy to some other person’s goals. I’ve got the feeling that I have done that long enough in my life and that didn’t made me that much better or happier 🙂

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Being Single makes me Happy

Often I hear people say: I don’t want to be traveling alone, I really don’t like that. I can’t share my experience and I probably feel alone.  These reactions come from people that are not single. So when at home they share their every day experiences too with their family or partner. I sometimes get the feeling that I need to defend my lifestyle. Appearently, for a lot of people, alone is not good….it seems that if you can not share ..immediatly, right on that spot, with your partner, family or travelcompagnion it’s not nice…

Hmm….while at home I’m alone too.. Does that mean my life is not nice? Because I hear these kind of responses a lot it starts to annoy me. I get the feeling that I need to defend it.. No…my life is great..
No it’s not that I’m not nice or something… but eh.. I’m just alone and I do what I would’ ve done when together with someone.. At least…if that someone would like what I do and want. Eh?? So strange…why do I feel the urge to defend myself? I actually don’t want to…

Single and Happy, Solo / Alone

Single And Happy!!

Periyar Tiger Reserve – Kerala, India

Am I alone? I do share a lot, mostly about traveling ofcourse. I maybe share them so much that some have put my notifications on mute? 🙂 By sharing I do have a lot of contacts online, not only family and friends but also strangers. With like minded people, those who travel a lot or those who like to travel. People that need or give advice or tips to get everything out of it!!

Am I ‘Alone’?

When traveling alone you do get so many other contacts. I do remember so much more of the area.. of people I meet and because of every thing that you accomplish by yourself. I depend on myself and if something does not work it is because of my own fault. I don’t lean on another and maybe get stuck with some agitation because some things weren’t accounted for or there was no more time to do. Or that the other wanted to do some things…and I maybe should’ve done that because of the other 🙂

Single also means: Doing everything I want!!

So yes, this year I’m going on a longer journey again! I set a goal for this year and this journey will start with walking a Camino in Spain. My goal this year is to walk for a month, a pelgrimage!!

One of the first questions I get is: Are you going alone?

Yes, I’m single ..

and this year I walk the Camino because I want to 🙂

Travel Alone, Single

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