YogaPoses and walking the Camino Frances :)

My challege last year was walking the Camino. I went traveling for 5 months and when I’m really honest…that first month, walking the camino was the best!! This has left a deep impression and I still think about it a lot! It was a great month with great and sweet people surrounding me! You walk together, you’re not alone and everybody that returns of this great walk has a Camino Family!

Yoga en de Camino Frances?

Almost every body that visits my site regularly or checks my Instagram knows that I love to do Yoga Poses. I do like to make nice pictures  so if you combine those two you get the best pictures!! Don’t you think?

So while walking the Camino, which is about 800K in totall and which took me 35 days in totall, I asked people to make pictures of me while I did a pose 🙂

Voor de Nederlandse versie van Yoga en de Camino

Yogaposes on the Camino

A Canadian fellow Pilgrim took this picture in between the villages Zizur Mayor and Puente la Reine 🙂


Headstand pose on the Camino

I loved the way people remember you. People already recognized me because of my coloured yogapants … you could recognize me from afar 🙂 But also good that people can talk about you…in a positive way.. and that the other one knows exactly who you are talking about without knowing me or knowing a name 🙂 On my second day already someone knew about me. She said: Oh your the one that is traveling on after the Camino, I heard about it.

And a couple of days later they would know that the lady with the coloured pants would also do headstands

on the best spots!!

Yogaposes on the Camino

Torres del Rio – Navarra – Spain

Beautiful small village where I after a long day walking the camino was wandering around and found this great viewing spot. I had to do some yogaposes and stretch my muscles!

And then this other pilgrim came…I asked her to make this picture!!

YogaPoses … walking every day

How Does Your Body Like That?

When you are walking every day for an extended periode you get in a rythm. Your muscles work hared and it is really monotonous actually. It is a great work out ofcourse but to get some variation in your daily routin walking the camino it is also good to do some other practises. I did see a lot of people doing some stretching in the morning, so good!! Warm those muscles for a day walking, most were walking at least 20K. I really liked it to get some time during the day to do some yogaposes on a great spot!!

Yogaposes on the Camino

Just before entering the small village of Villar de Mazarife

This picture was taking by my Camino Buddy Jerry, I walked with Jerry for over a week!!

And…if the landscape doesn’t give you the colour you need….I’ll provide it  🙂 

On the picture you also see my small backpack with a shell.

Do you know this shell?

It is the symbol of the pilgrims and the Camino. Each and every day we followed the signs with the shells on it. Could be painted on everything like a wall of a house, the streets or just a tree. But we also saw a lot of official signs!!

It is almost impossible to get lost on the Camino!!

Yogaposes on the Camino

It was early morning and it would be a long day. I wanted to walk to Ponferrada and it would take me over 30K for that day. Half way the morning we would reach the highest point of this day, Cruz de Ferro. An important stop for a lot of pilgrims. A lot of people start the camino because of a reason, they have things to sort out. They want to think about things…they need to make decisions and maybe leave things behind them.

In time it has become a tradition to walk with a stone or an object that presence something you want to leave behind. They will leave that at Cruz de Ferro. At that point you have walked so far and it is time to go on.. symbolic.

I also had a stone that I had with me to leave here.

Yogaposes on the Camino

What do you think of this great spot?

Who wouldn’t want to do some practise here when you feel like stretching?

Would you do that?

Do you dare to stretch like this on a spot where people are looking at you?

Do you have an other activity you practise while traveling? That keeps you fit?

Inspire us and leave a comment!!

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Yoga and the Camino

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