Best view!! Toilet in Laos

Can you imagine stopping at a parking lot in Laos and getting the Best view ever ..
for a toilet in Laos!!

Best view!! Toilet in Laos

How do you like these flowers? They are great too right?

Best view!! Toilet in Laos

On my way from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang in Laos we stopped at this parking lot after a couple of hours driving the really bad roads of Laos. I still am amazed that those little VIP buses don’t fall apart. A co traveler got sick and was vommiting the entire way.. So I was happy to get out of this VIP bus for a moment.

I walked to the toilet, there was a row of about 5 toilets. I went to the part of the building that was meant for the ladies. I stepped in that toilet and was amazed!! The side of the toilet building to the beautiful landscape side was open! Just to enjoy the great view!! It was steep and nobody could walk there….safely.. 🙂

Look at that view!!

Toilet in Laos

I sat there, on the toilet and enjoyed this view 🙂

Best view!! Toilet in Laos

Best view!! Toilet in Laos

You see me standing in the mirror while making this picture.

Right next to it you’ll see the toilets with the amazing view!

Best view!! Toilet in Laos

  This can be your view when sitting on a Toilet in Laos!!

Best view!! Toilet in Laos

Best view!! Toilet in Laos
 How great is that view??!?

Best view!! Toilet in Laos

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