Climbing the Vesuvius at Ercolano, Italy

I was in Italy and stayed in Napoli for a couple of days. When you’re there you have to go to a vulcano or to a burning ground such as the Phlegrean Fields. Well…I did both!!

And I did it on 1 day. In the morning I went to Pozzuoli and the afternoon was spend climbing the Vesuvius!

P1090653The Phlegrean Fields

How to get to the Vesuvius from Napoli

I went to Ercolano with the train and got on a tour that started near the station. They will drive when the bus is full and when it’s in season that will probably be after every train 🙂 I couldn’t pay with card so I had to get some money out of the ATM,that was about 5 minutes walk down the street and the bus waited for me!!

P1090759 Central Station at Napoli

Visiting Vesuvius – Ercolano – Italy

The bus drove us up the first part of the vulcano. The rest is there to walk!! If you are disabled there is an option to go almost all the way up with a car I believe.. I saw a car passing me when I was walking up… It was kind of steep at some point….it was a climb and that is why I liked it even more!!

Busy in the bus, going up the vulcano

I saw this statue on the side, half way up the vulcano

Walking the last bit, Vesuvius – Ercolano

The way up was quit a hike. Really enjoyed that!P1090839It was really cloudy going up. You just walk into the mist…

But on the other side I had a great view.

P1090791So when you’re down …it could be quit different on the other side and you could get a great view even if you think it’s not the weather for that!

And yes, in the end it’s just a hole…


P1090826Well yeah….it was a vulcano….now it is just a big hole where once was the lava…


P1090863Also in the clouds



P1090878It was a great hike and walk with ofcourse great views over the Italian landscape!

Jacomijn is a police officer from The Netherlands who loves to show you how to travel the world Safe, Healthy and Active!! Safe and Healthy Travel is a MUST!


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