Best Pizza Ever!! L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele in Napoli

They always told me that you could eat the best pizza in Napoli.
So when I went to Napoli this year I was eager to find that out.

The second day I was there I took the Hop on Hop off bus and met a couple from Australia. They told me about a place where I really should go and eat the best pizza of Napoli. They had read about it in the Lonely Planet. It would be a small restaurant and very busy but really worth the wait.

Line seen from the bus in front of restaurant

That same afternoon all of a sudden we saw in a small street lots of people standing before a shop. They stood in line for a door of a small restaurant. When I looked better I saw a big sign above them: L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele.


Waiting in line for that great Pizza

This was the pizzeria the couple told me about. 
I remembered the street and after two more stops we were at the end/beginning of the Hop on Hop off busroute and I got out. I immediatly walked back, I did felt like eating a pizza after riding the bus for a couple of hours. I did two of the three tours, so I saw a big part of the city that day.

When I got there the line in front of the restaurant was as big as before. And I got in line too. I heard people talking and figured out that when I wanted to sit inside it took about an hour but when you ordered take away you’d have a pizza within 10 minutes. So ofcourse I took the takeaway. I was hungry…

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele

So I went through the waitingline, ordered my pizza and said that I would take it with me. I had the choice to take a Marinara or a Margherita. They only serve two kinds of pizza, you can choose size and extra cheese. I took the Marinara because I thought the margherita was to simple 🙂

They told me I could stand inside if I wanted while I was waiting, that is what I did.
Inside I saw a simple restaurant, many tables and chairs, all taken. It was a white painted room. On the wall I saw many old pictures from the history and the family of Da Michele. In the back they were working hard. I saw a big oven and next to it I saw lots of wood. It was a plain, simple kitchen but clean and everything they needed was available in that small area.

First room

The Oven / kitchen area

Next to the counter I saw a sign with the price list. I saw that they also listed on there the ingredients for the pizza. So it is not a secret how they make this best pizza! I think that is great, no secret ingredients. Maybe I will try to make it once at home. But you know…it’ll always taste better at the place of origin.

Price list with ingredients

I saw a second room and even a third room with tables. So there is more room inside which is not visible from the outside. I thought is was just that first room 🙂  In there you could place 20-25 persons. But with those other rooms with it, you could easily triple it.

Second room and third room in the back

I took some pictures and before I knew it my pizza was ready and I could step out and find a space where I could eat my pizza.
I was very curious about it and I stepped out of the restaurant and I set down on the sidewalk on the other side of the street. It was in front of another restaurant, imbarrising for that place… But I think they are used to it 🙂 I wasn’t alone in doing it like that, when I entered I saw people sitting in the street and eating their pizza.

Eating my pizza on the sidewalk

The Marinara, delicious!!

I started to eat, the pizza was great!! The crust of the pizza was great! It was some kind of solid bread with a flavour I had never tasted before. I really liked it. The tomato sauce and cheese was also great. It looked so simple and tasted so good!! 

I can honestly say that it was the best pizza I had ever tasted!!!

The last day I was in Napoli I went to L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele again. This time I went around 19.00 hours I knew, at this point, when it was lunch and diner time in Napoli, so around 15.00 hours and 21.00 hours there is a line in front of the restaurant.
And that was right, I came there and could go right in and had a seat in the first room so I could see them working on the pizza’s. When I got mine, this time I did order the Margeritha, I asked the waiter/baker of the pizza to take a picture of me. He gladly did and put the sign of the shop on the picture too 🙂

Last day in Napoli, again to L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele 🙂

My advice When you go to Napoli you really have to try a pizza from this restaurant!!

The ingredients, seen on the pricelist, for this best pizza ever are:
Flower (type 00) of tender grain
Not concentrated Saint Marzano tomato peels OGM free
Fior of latte (cheese)  from Agerola (Italy)
Sunflower oil
Water of Naples
Sea salt

Jacomijn is a police officer from The Netherlands who loves to show you how to travel the world Safe, Healthy and Active!! Safe and Healthy Travel is a MUST!


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