Cycling in East Germany – Dahlen

I went to East Germany with colleagues from my work.

We do this every year with the sports association, we go cycling in Germany, Poland or Holland. There are colleagues from those countries also on the trip. This was my fourth year and every year it is some kind of a reunion, very nice!! Especially for those who are on this already for years!

P1000976Police Sport and Relax Association

So this year we went to a small village called Dahlen. It is in between Dresden and Leipzig. We slept in a youth hostel….even though we aren’t that young anymore!! The oldest person is around 80 years old!! Well, he doesn’t cycle anymore….he sits in a car and makes sure everything goes well 🙂

P1000996Breakfast on the first morning

We went cycling for 3 days and at almost every village we came we were welcomed by the local mayor and got a tour from the mayor. That was great, we saw a castle, unfortunately only outside. We saw another castle and church and got a tour around the nudelfactory, which is pasta not noodles 🙂 The surroundings are great over there, many hills and a great landscape. Also the houses, the way they are build and decorated! It’s great to see. Although it’s just a couple of hours away from my hometown it is totally different!!

P1010021First group picture, taken at the Schloss Hartenfels in Torgau

With ofcourse Andrea Staude, mayor of Torgau

foto-3Eating raw fish, herring with union.

The Germans like those so we take them with us from Holland 🙂

I’ll make it into a photoblog and only show you the highlights of those days.

Day 1

P1010011Schloss Hartenfels, Torgau



We did have our own car with drinks and foods 🙂

Day 2



P1010075First break second dayP1010081 As you can see we are followed by 3 buses 🙂



P1010099Photo with Mayor Brendel of Muhlberg

P1010107They had a flood here couple of times and now a new harbour

foto-1We were looking over the wall…at the water on the other side 🙂

P1010111City square

P1010113What a great colours and great buildings!!



After WWII they had prisoncamp here, many of the prisoners died here.

Our oldest member Paul Sellman gave us information about this.





P1010176Mayor of Doberlug-Kirchhain Broszinski gave us a tour


P1010213And ofcourse a group photo in front of the newly renovated castle

Day 3

P1010216Start of day 3 🙂




P1010233Break at square of Strehla

P1010240Great buildings/shops

P1010255Church Collmberg


P1010265This last evening we went to this castle.

We had a tour around the old church.P1010275

P1010280He told us about the life they used to have there.

P1010284After he showed us this table and told us how to eat the bread


P1010295Empty the bread to fill it with great cheesesoup!!

P1010297It was a great week, we have seen a lot of East Germany and the Mayors of all these great places have told us great news about there development and renewel!! It was great!

Thanks to Mayor Michael Oecknigk of Brandenburg!

He has arranged everything this year!

Looking forward to next year!!



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