Discover Fortress Muiden: Castle Muiderslot & Fort island Pampus

Discover Fortress Muiden on the coast of The Netherlands! When I’m not travelling I don’t always sit still but I’m also looking for nice places in the Netherlands. When I won tickets earlier this year at a lottery I was free to choose tickets for the most diverse museums, zoos or castles in the Netherlands.

I decided that I wanted to go to the Fort Island Pampus off the coast at fortress Muiden, that seemed very interesting! I had 4 tickets and so I went together with my brother and his two children. How big was the disappointment that we had not prepared properly and missed the last boat to the fortress island Pampus just off the coast of Muiden.

When we looked around we saw that the fortress Muiden of course had a beautiful castle to offer and we walked on to the impressive Muiderslot.

Discover Fortress Muiden – The Muiderslot

  • Castle the Muiderslot

It’s not cheap. I paid 15.50 euros for the adults and 9 euros for the children. As an extra short visit you’ll lose about 50 euros. I can imagine that if you have to turn every penny these are the first trips that disappear from the horizon.

Kasteel Muiderslot

We did find it really fun and educational! We came inside and immediately saw that there was a falconer with a lot of birds. The falconer told us full of passion and let the children really make contact with the birds.

Valkenier Kasteel Muiderslot

Valkenier Kasteel Muiderslot

From there we walked further around the castle and came into a water shield where we got explanations about how it all worked in former times. A castle right next to the seawater and how it worked in history.

Inside the castle there was also a lot to discover also. We walked around in our own pace and had an audio tour for the explanation. All rooms  we enjoyed and all views out of the windows we looked at! We walked here for at least another hour. I found it very nice to see. Plenty of explanation for the adults but also for the kids with the occasional interactive game for them.

Kasteel Muiderslot - Muiden

Kasteel Muiderslot - Muiden

We ended the day with a delicious dinner at Ome Ko in the harbour. Again there is plenty to see with the bridge that opens every time for the many boats that go in and out of Muiden.

If you want to know more about your visit to Muiderslot.

Discover fortress Muiden – Fortress island Pampus

  • Fortress island Pampus

The next attempt to discover the fortress island of Pampus was not much later in the year. It was a wonderful day, and my sister-in-law went along with us. Super cozy and this time we were in time to catch the boat to the island!

A good preparation is useful!

Forteiland Pampus - Muiden

We got a super nice tour on the island from volunteer Ruurd. Full of passion he told how life went on Fort Island Pampus. Not only when it was just built but also in the second world war. The island has been used in different times and with different purposes. The special thing is that what it was originally built for, the protection of the country against foreign ships, it has never been used for. This was due to the fact that the planes made their entrance at that time and therefore just flew over Fort Island Pampus.

Forteiland Pampus - Muiden

The man told us with passion and kept us busy for more than an hour, super fun only we didn’t have that much time on the island anymore, we could walk around for another half hour, and so we had to leave again with that last boat back to mainland.

How nice was the surprise that, in cooperation with Fort Island Pampus, I was allowed to visit the island again to spend the night during one of the Pampus nights! Also then I did the tour again, I keep finding it interesting how it has been used in the different times.

pampusnachten - forteiland pampus - Muiden

Did you know that even in the 80’s / 90’s the island was still used? Not in a sustainable way, unfortunately. A lot was destroyed by the partying masses at all kinds of dance parties that were apparently given there. After this it became a protected monument and therefore closed for this kind of activities.

Forteiland Pampus - Muiden

Thank you Jeroen for making these pics!

It is a great opppurtunity to vist the island in a different way!

The island is owned by the Pampus Foundation. The aim of this foundation is to preserve the monumental fortress island and to inform people about it and give them the opportunity to visit it. These pampus nights, adventurous dining and other fun activities are organized to earn money to make the island more sustainable.

Forteiland Pampus - Muiden

Look at Pampus website for your visit!

  • Food at Fortress Muiden

When you’re back in fortress Muiden you’ll want a bite to eat, of course. Both times we went to Ome (Uncle) Ko. This one is in the centre, near the bridge that opens every 10 to 15 minutes for the boats passing by. The children found it very interesting to see of course!

Restaurant Ome Ko - Muiden

We were sitting along a quiet road enjoying the great summer weather and the beautiful view.

There are of course a number of other restaurants in Fortress Muiden, right on the other side of the road is restaurant Graaf (Count) Floris V van Muiden. This is also located in a beautiful building and has a lovely terrace on the other side of the road.

Restaurants Muiden

  • Parking in fortress Muiden

There are plenty of places to park for free. Of course you have to walk a little bit but in a nice fortified town like Muiden that is no problem at all.

  • P1 Maxisweg

This car park is free and has camera surveillance. You walk from the other side into the center and I can’t quite explain how to walk because I haven’t used it. I did notice that everywhere there are signs pointing you to the center, fortress island Pampus on board of the ferry or to the castle Muiderslot.

  • P2 Lange Muiderweg / Mariahoeveweg

This car park is also free but unguarded. I’ve parked here both times. From the highway it is very easy to reach. You walk in 10 minutes to the heart of fortress Muiden.

If you keep to the right, you can walk over a dike in the direction of the Muiderslot. If you keep to the left you go through a part of the district and you come along the river Vecht, if you keep walking straight on you come through the center and also exit at the ferry stop for the ferry to fort island Pampus. Walk a little further and then you’re at the entrance of castle Muiderslot.

Muiden - Muiderslot

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