Yoga Pose on Desenberg. Warburg – Germany

After some km’s cycling through the great landscape near Warburg – Germany we had a break. It was time to go for some hiking up a mountain called Desenberg!!

Cycling Desenberg

Group info

I was with a group of people from the Police, Justice and Fire departments from different parts of Germany and Holland. We cycle every year for three days, we visit historical sites and have lots of fun together. We do cycle around 60/70 km a day so it is a physical and sportive activity too!

The Vulcano Desenberg near Warburg

This time we were in Germany, near the city of Warburg. This time we stopped at the Desenberg. I thought it was just a mountain as the name ‘berg’ implicated. (Dutch for mountain is berg) But I found out it was a vulcano. Only untill 1800 years ago… So it is safe to climb 🙂

Desenberg, Germany

 Climbing Desenberg

We started to climb this great mountain, we had seen remnants of a old castle or lookout on top of the hill, when we cycled in the area. There was a path situated around the mountain and was made of stones, it was easy to walk on. It brought us slowly up the Desenberg, some parts were a bit steeper but it is not to hard. Almost everybody should be able to walk this, it took about 20 minutes to walk up. The Desenberg is 350 mt above sealevel.

Vulcano Desenberg

Posing on Desenberg

Almost up I saw a spot with a great view to do a nice headstand. I asked my colleague to take a picture and I do like this one!! I just got this new hobby appearently… Doing headstands or other yogaposes on the best spots.. There will be more in the future. You are warned 🙂

 Yoga Pose on Desenberg

Yoga Pose Desenberg

Panorama view on top

Once up the wind almost blew me away. I climbed the tower and enjoyed the view for a minute. The landscape and panorama view is great. It is springtime so you see lots of green colours.

Flowers on Desenberg

Remnants on Desenberg

Remnants on top of Desenberg

Remnants Desenberg

View landscape Desenberg

Really enjoyed the climb and the view!

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I hope you enjoy this beautiful world as much as I do!