The desastrous results of the tyfoon Haiyan, Malapascua. Cebu -Phillipines

Just a short walk down the alley of my luxurious resort and you are in the middle of the disastrous effects of the tyfoon Haiyan. Here the tyfoon is known as Yolanda.

The whole day I hear hard labour work, I was curious and went on a walk down the alley near my resort. Immediately I was surrounded by rebuild houses, just temporarily ones. That is how it seemed to me. They are still clearing the area of all the debris, all the fallen trees to make it suitable for building again.

After a walk I went back to the hotel and got all soap, shampoo, toothbrushes,  razers and bouillon I still had to give away. When I went back I searched for mom’s with little children.  I could give 3 mom’s some of each item. They were pleased with it.
It is the only thing I could do for them at this point,…

I wish everybody in the areas that sufferd from the tyfoon and are victim of it in any way, all the strength they need to rebuild their home, their country, their life!!


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