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Will you join us on a trip to Oman? When we haven’t seen any sun in the Netherlands for a while, how about where you are? So why not take a trip to the sun? In Oman then, it is wonderful and we can fully enjoy all the beauty the country has to offer. Read on!

I myself have been to beautiful Oman 5 times now and really start to love this great country. It has everything I desire from an adventurous and mindful trip. Beautiful old cities, a substantial coastline where you can snorkel but also the immense desert where you can find the emptiness and enjoy a beautiful sunset after an impressive day of holidays.

Oh … not to mention the many adventurous wadis you can indulge in if you like a good adventure hike.

Wadi Shab Wandeling Rondreis Oman

Will you join us on this trip to adventurous Oman? Then expect to go on a beautiful hike every day, have a wonderful canoe trip or snorkelling trip and imagine yourself in paradise every now and then.

Oman is predominantly moslim

Oman is a religious Muslim country. Something where, as westerners, we can sometimes feel out of place. Clothing has to be adapted a bit and the role as a woman is seen differently…. For that reason, I can very well imagine that many women do not want to travel to Oman alone.

That is another reason why I am organising this small group trip to Oman. The country is simply not to be missed. The people there are so warm-hearted and so welcoming that I would love to take you along to get to know them.

The trip can offer an extra challenge by including canyoning. This option can be added, just let me know! Read all about it in this blog.

Het ultieme avontuur in de Snake Canyon - Oman

Working with local agency Blue Skies of Oman

I am organising this trip to Oman in collaboration with local travel agency Blue Skies of Oman. With Abdullah as my driver and co-guide, I have been on four tours now. He knows like no other how to find nice coffee shops, the places where we can have lunch but also how to tell us the ins and outs of Oman.

Take a look at the site of Blue Skies of Oman and get inspired to also join us in the beautiful sultanate of Oman

Abdullah - Blue Skies Of Oman
Abdullah – Blue Skies Of Oman

What will the trip in Oman look like?

Day 1 Discovering Muscat

In the morning, we will visit the Grand Mosque.

You’ll get right into the Middle Eastern atmosphere as we walk into the souk and stroll along the corniche and possibly visit the local fish market. We’ll climb to a strategic lookout, view the palace and find a nice spot for sunset.

Day 2 we go snorkelling at the Daymaniyat islands.

With any luck, we will soon be swimming among turtles and schools of colourful fish.

Day 3 we’ll visit Bimmah Sinkhole and go to the beautiful Wadi Shab or Wadi Tiwi for hiking/climbing and swimming. Depends on the age and demand of the group. The Wadi Tiwi requires more agility and daring.

Read more about the wadi Shab

Day 4 Sur & night in desert

In the morning, we will explore Sur, the port city with a deep history with shipbuilding, the so-called dows. We will also have time to enjoy a coffee on a nice seaside terrace.

After this relaxing morning, we will drive into the desert Wahiba Sands and enjoy the distant views, abundant sand and a beautiful sunset.

Wahiba Sands - Oman - Woestijn trip

Day 5 Wadi Bani Khalid and Ras Al Hadd / Rass Al Jinz

In the morning, we’ll visit a Bedouin tent and you have the opportunity to buy souvenirs and then slowly leave the desert behind.

We visit Wadi Bani Khalid for a nice, short hike. There we can take a nice swim back between high rock walls and nature-carved chutes and waterfalls.

In the evening, we will look for turtles laying eggs on the beach at Ras Al Hadd or Ras Al Jinz. The beach is a protected area and we will walk there with a guide so they can explain and keep us at the right distance from the turtles.

Day 6 on our way to Bar al Hikman

Today we drive along the coast to Bar Al Hikman, hundreds of kilometres of deserted landscape. We will pass the fishing town of Al Askharah where it is known that huge fish can be caught from the coast. On the way, we pass the pink lagoon and will have a delicious lunch in a remote coastal town.

Bar Al Hikman is a migration spot for birds from all over the world. You will also be able to admire a huge variety of fish and coral.

Day 7 Free day at Bar al Hikman

A lovely day of rest in the beautiful remote area of Bar al Hikman. Upon request, I can provide a fine yoga class there in the morning or evening.

Optional – at an island a little further away you can do some great snorkelling (15/20 euros pp).

We can also enjoy snorkelling right off the coast and kayaking/supping. In addition, we naturally enjoy all the peace and quiet in this amazing secluded haven. Take a nice walk against the sunset and experience the quietness of this heaven on earth.

Bar Alhikman - Malediven van Oman, wat een paradijsje

Read more about Bar Al Hikman 

Day 8 Nizwa

From Bar Al Hikman, we will travel on to Nizwa. On the way, we will visit a town where we will visit a local market. We will also pass by Ibra, one of Oman’s oldest towns or Izki where we will visit the Zukait tombs.

Day 9 Exploring Nizwa or Canyoning

If you choose to explore the surroundings of Nizwa, you will take a scenic drive through the Wadi Ghul, visit Al Hamra and see the amazing Jebel Shams viewpoint.

Optional – not included:

If you opt for super adventure canyoning, we will leave in time to start the tour in the morning so that we can do a late lunch mid-afternoon at the end of this tour. Canyoning will be an option with the participation of at least 2 people.

Day 10 Back to Muscat

Before leaving Nizwa, we will visit impressive Nizwa fort and the souk. If it is Friday, we can also visit the famous goat market. As we drive back to Muscat, we will visit a few more places (e.g. Bilad Sayt or Birkat Al Mouz) so that we can stretch our legs a little during the long trip.

Palmen oase bij Birkat al Mouz - Oman
Palm oase at Birkat al Mouz – Oman

This itinerary is a guideline.
Know that everything will be covered but that the daily schedule may be adjusted a bit.

Terms and conditions for this trip to Oman

If you are looking for an active trip. You are sporty and can hike (3 hours at most) on stone and rock surfaces. So that means there are up and down steps that can sometimes be a bit higher. And in doing so, we are of course happy to help each other.

All the walks we do can be broken down and thus shortened. The walks are all into a wadi and the same route back. So if you decide on the way there that it is too hard for you, you can stop and walk back at your own pace.

I am a start-up tour operator and I am a member of a travel guarantee fund. Still I emphasise that you should take out your own insurance policies and be able to fall back on them.

Yoga in de Wadi Shab - Oman

Travelling in Oman as a holiday destination

My first trip to Oman was in 2019 and a lot has already changed since then. Whereas in 2019 there was not so much in place to accommodate big tourism, that is really already changing. Fine coffee shops I have seen coming up and I really like that! But also big car parks and thus more tourists in the places we visit like the wadis and the desert. Even so, Oman is still at the beginning of its development as a holiday and travel destination and you will get to know Oman as an authentic Middle Eastern country.

Read about everything you need to know about the sultanate of Oman

Hotels – Trip to Oman

To keep the trip affordable, we are not in 5-star hotels. Fortunately, we won’t spend much time in our hotels either. Rooms will, of course, always be clean and tidy. In the desert, it is possible that we will share a tent/room with several participants and this may also be the case in Bar Al Hikman.

It is possible during this trip to book a room only in the hotels or tent in Bar Al Hikman or the desert at an additional cost.

Bij het kampvuur in het Rustic Bedoeinenkamp - Oman
Evening at the campfire in Rustic Bedouin Camp – Oman

Small Group – Trip to Oman

  • 4 to 8 persons

We can travel in 2 (4WD) vehicles. Abdullah, our guide, drives one vehicle and I drive one vehicle. Each vehicle can hold 4 participants; the trip will consist of 8 participants at most.

Included with this trip to Oman

  • Nights
  • Breakfast + lunch
  • All transport within Oman
  • 10 days driver – tour guide

This trip to Oman includes all breakfast and lunch. Abdullah selects restaurants that are on our way and therefore logistically take little time. We will therefore eat at local restaurants and get to know real Omani cuisine.

Of course, all transport and overnight stays are included. Abdullah will be at our disposal throughout the trip with advice and assistance.

Not included on this trip to Oman?

  • Flights to Oman
  • Snorkelling Bar al Hikman – Canyoning Snake Canyon
  • diner
  • Souvenirs

The air ticket is NOT included. Reason for this is that I can also imagine you want to book a ticket with other travel dates so you might be able to catch Dubai before or after this trip.

During the round trip in Oman, the only thing that needs to be arranged and paid for yourself is your dinner. Of course, we can help you choose a nice restaurant. And of course if you buy a souvenir or other memento it will be at your own expense.

Costs for this great trip to Oman

  • € 1.595,00 euro excl 21% tax

Ticket prices have risen in recent years. Expect ticket prices of at least €500.00. Once travelling in Oman, you won’t spend much money as the cost of food (+/- €15.00 pppd) is quite low.

Cultuur komt ook aan bod met o.a. Mutrah Souk - Muscat Oman
Culture is also covered, including a visit to the Mutrah Souk – Muscat Oman

Traveldates for this trip to Oman

November is a perfect time to go to Oman. It is winter then and in Oman, winters are wonderfully warm. Summers can get sweltering hot…. So we travel to this beautiful country in winter.

  • 18 t/m 27 november 2024 (18 november start in the morning with the Muscat tour)

8 spots available

  • 6 t/m 15 march 2025 ( 6 march start in the morning with the Muscat tour)

8 spots available

  • 20 t/m 29 march 2025 ( 20 march start in the morning with the Muscat tour)

8 spots available

Of course, you can use a different flight dates and explore the Emirates or another country first or, of course, come earlier or stay longer in Oman.

Sign up for this great trip at Jacomijn

Tip for booking a flight. Look at different days of the week and times of the day. It can sometimes make quite a difference in the price they charge. All the times I travelled to Oman I travelled with Turkey’s Pegasus and so flew via Istanbul.

Rondreis Oman - Uitkijkpunt bij Muscat - Avontuurlijke wandeling
Muscat in the background

Looking for a hotel for that first night in Muscat? I found the Golden Tulip Headington to be a fine hotel, plenty of shops and restaurants in the area to get acquainted with Omani life and cuisine the night before this trip.

Practical information for your trip to Oman

  • Visa Oman

On arrival, we get a stamp for a 14-day stay in our passport. The only thing you need to watch out for is that your passport is valid for another six months when you leave Oman again.

  • Valuta Oman

In Oman, they pay with the Omani Rial. At the time of writing, 1 OMR, is worth €2.41. Or to put it the other way around, €1.00 is OMR 0.41. it’s whatever you find easy to calculate. I always have an app on my phone for that.

  • Dress code Oman

Make sure you have a long-sleeved shirt with you, a scarf and long trousers or skirt so you can cover up when we visit a mosque or are in a city. We will visit 1 mosque in Muscat and will visit 3 cities. To avoid many stares, it is nice if you do not walk around too naked. People are not used to this and are not appreciated but are well regarded

  • Watershoes

On this trip, where we go into wadis, it is essential to carry good shoes that you can wear in the water. With which you can easily walk in the water on a stony ground. Every wadi we go into you will be wearing these water shoes/sandals.

  • Hand luggage

All luggage has to be carried in our vehicle every day and so you will only be able to travel with hand luggage. A suitcase or backpack that meets those sizes will be able to find its place in the car and, of course, you can also bring a backpack. I have now made this trip 3x with others and this has always worked out and afterwards I always get the message that people had more than enough with them anyway 🙂

Wakker worden in de woestijn - bedoeienenkamp Wahiba Sands - Oman

  • Water bottle

In Oman, lots of small disposable water bottles are still sold. I don’t want to join this and always buy 5-litre bottles of water to refill our own water bottle we brought with us. I want to continue this tradition and hopefully it will eventually become normal in Oman too. So on this trip, you should bring your own refill water bottle.

  • Wifi in Oman

Every hotel, of course, has wifi for us to use. During the day, Abdullah can create a hotspot for us. Should you want to be reachable or occasionally share a message, that is possible. In the desert and at Bar Alhikman, we are a little further away from civilisation and are offline.

If you have any questions about this trip send me a message and I will be happy to answer them.

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Will you join me on a trip to the sultanate of Oman?

Canyoning Oman - Wester Hajar Mountains Viewpoint

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