Visiting Wadi Rum? What to do in the Wadi Rum Desert – Most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum – Jordan

Visiting Wadi Rum should of course not be missed during a tour of the beuatiful country Jordan. In 2011 the Wadi Rum was included in the list of UNESCO as world heritage. If you book a daytrip you can always visit the most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum. I was only in the Wadi Rum for one night which I regret a bit afterwards but yes…. Maybe I will go back and spend more time there. Because the Jordan Trail also goes through Wadi Rum!

For now I share with you the most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum you should definitely see while visiting Wadi Rum!

Did you know that Wadi Rum is also called Valley of the Moon? In some places this desert valley looks like a moonscape and that is why it got this nickname.

Visiting Wadi Rum? What to do in the Wadi Rum Desert - Most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum - Jordan

I like deserts and can spend quite some time there … and yet I travelled on. Sometimes you do things you don’t fully understand afterwards. Nothing wrong with that as long as you are aware of it … and learn from it, right? Earlier that year I spent 10 weeks in Namibia where I also spent quite some time in different deserts…and after this trip I went to Oman 🙂 Lots of deserts to be seen and experienced there too.

Most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum – Jordan

When I was on my way to the parking place for my car, I already passed the old train that was supposed to have been used in the movie of Lawrence of Arabia. I was already starting to get into the right mood. I climbed up there to look inside, I could do that in the carriages but I couldn’t get into the steam locomotive. It was also too high and I could just peek inside to see how hard people used to work there and how there was only one chair.

Lawrence of Arabia - Visiting Wadi Rum? What to do in the Wadi Rum Desert - Most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum - Jordan

Lawrence of Arabia - Visiting Wadi Rum? What to do in the Wadi Rum Desert - Most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum - Jordan

I had already booked my overnight stay the day before when I was still in Aqaba. I had booked a tent at Desert Magic Camp and they had sent me instructions on where to go. When I was almost there I got an message via Whatsapp that when I was there I should call them. They were in the neighbourhood. When I took the exit I was told, halfway through the village to the right, I drove right behind them. I was able to park my car in a secure area and climbed into the back of their jeep.

The trip visiting Wadi Rum started! We were going into the desert, I was so curious! Of course, for years I had this image of this enchanting desert in my mind, the most beautiful places of the Wadi Rum… Now I was going there! I was allowed to sit with them in the car but also on the back of the open 4WD. You can probably guess what I did.

Visiting Wadi Rum? What to do in the Wadi Rum Desert - Most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum - Jordan

I felt the breeze on my face of the warm Wadi Rum wind and a bit later also the Wadi Rum sand 🙂 It was quite windy but I already loved the views. Slowly we left the paved roads and the life of the village behind us and disappeared onto the great plain of the Wadi Rum.

What you can’t miss during your visit
Most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum – Jordan

Preparing your trip into the Wadi Rum

  • Where to park?

In Wadi Rum Village there are several parking places. I had already booked a camp and so they had a place for me there as well. Also liking the fact that the rented car was behind a fence and therefore secured. I can recommend this option. Of course I don’t know if every place offers this option but if you book your accommodation online you can ask for it. I slept at Desert Magic Camp and they had this well taken care of.

  • Cash or card?

There is no ATM in Wadi Rum. The last possibility you have at your previous stop e.g. Petra or Aqaba. In Wadi Rum Village there is no such possibility. I assume that this will change in the future as it was a big village where most things seemed to be available. I didn’t look for it because I had enough money with me and booked in advance and only spent 10 minutes in Wadi Rum Village itself.

  • Hot / cold Wadi Rum

Prepare for a hot day and for cold nights. This is almost incomprehensible to us, but in the desert it can get quite cold at night, while during the day you are desperately looking for some shade. I visited Wadi Rum in September and had a hot and sultry night. I sat outside on my terrace until late admiring the stars. If you have little hair on your head and burn easily, take a cap or a sun hat to protect yourself. And of course, it’s always a good idea to put on sunscreen 🙂

Visiting Wadi Rum? What to do in the Wadi Rum Desert - Most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum - Jordan

Visit the Wadi Rum? Desert in Jordan

When I arrived at the Desert Magic Camp, I was the only guest. I was given a tent and freshened up. When I arrived in the big tent a little later, I was offered a nice tea. Enjoying the tea and the wide view around me, I heard that another guest would arrive. I thought that was great, because then I could book a trip together to see the highlights of the Wadi Rum. In the meantime, I talked to the German Leyla. She came here on her tour and eventually stayed. Leyla was allowed to live here if she helped with the guests and the maintenance and so on of the camp. She had plans to offer yoga and meditation here and told me that she often sat on top of the rock behind the camp, meditating or just enjoying the view.

When I had finished my tea, it seemed like a good plan to go sit there as well. Explore the surroundings a bit and find a nice viewpoint higher up. I have to admit that it is quite a climb. The sand slips away under your feet of course, it gets pretty steep at a certain point and going up the rock at the right time is also a bit of a challenge. You want to get high enough. It is a kind of terraces so if you go to the right too soon you will not get higher on the rock.

Visiting Wadi Rum? What to do in the Wadi Rum Desert - Most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum - Jordan
View from Desert Magic Camp after climbing to the top

Then, once you are at the right height and have moved a bit to the right so that you are standing on the curve, your view becomes even wider over the Wadi Rum plain. BEAUTIFUL!

Enjoying the Wadi Rum

When I was back at the camp later on the German new guest had the same idea and of course wanted to book a 4 hour trip with me to visit the most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum. Not much later we left in Mohammed’s new 4WD, he was looking forward to it as well. We found that out while driving because the car was still very new and he tested it quite a bit with how fast it could go but also how well it could get out of the sand. Super fun!

Siq Umm Tawaqi

Our first stop this afternoon was a place where most trips also go by. A great place to get acquainted with the immense rock faces of the Wadi Rum. It reminded me a bit of Wadi Shab in Oman, walking between such high walls.

Wadi Rum - Jordan - Hiking in the Desert

Wadi Rum - Jordan - Laurence of Arabia

The bust of Lawrence of Arabia is chiselled into the wall here at the beginning of the gorge. We were given time to walk into the gorge. At the end you can still do some climbing. There is not much more to see than a nice view upwards and then back again. Then we had tea at the entrance. Bedouin tents are everywhere and it is pleasant to stay. You shouldn’t always see it as selling souvenirs is my opinion. They also like a nice conversation.

It often results in very nice pictures.

Wadi Rum - Jordan - At the Bedouien

Wadi Rum - Portret of a bedouein

Most Beuatiful Spots in the Wadi Rum – Jordan

Um Fruth Rock Brigde

Everywhere you see these pictures of a beautiful high natural bridge. You cannot miss this bridge on your day in the Wadi Rum. We also went here and climbed up to the bridge to stand in line to take a picture. Our guide Mohammed took our cameras and made the pictures. It’s always difficult when you’re up there and can’t give any directions anymore for a photo… You just have to trust that they know how to make a nice picture 🙂

Um Fruth Rock - Wadi Rum Jordan

Of course, we climbed on it ourselves. Just assume that you will be waiting on the rock for a while in a queue to get on the bridge. I didn’t mind. I enjoyed the views of the wide surroundings but also the behaviour of the fellow tourists. Some are scared, others perhaps a bit overconfident. I like to see how people deal with new situations.

Yoga pose on the natural brigde Um Fruth - Wadi Rum

Lawrence’s House

Then we arrived at a place where Lawrence’s house would have stood. When we got out of the car, I saw a square set of stones that had collapsed and there were only very many stones. That would have been the house…but nobody can say for sure that this was really the case. They point to the top, where there is a nice viewpoint. So we start the climb at the back of the cliff.

Lawrence house - Wadi Rum Jodan

We climb to the top and see many piles of stones. I think you come here more for the beautiful viewpoint than to see Lawrence’s house. That is the reason this place was chosen but this is the real reason why this place is beautiful. We end up spending some time here, enjoying the view over Wadi Rum. I think it is a nice place to do a nice pose and my German fellow traveller wants to take a picture of it.

Lawrence house - Wadi Rum Jodan

A nice Yoga picture is always part of the trip – Jordan

Mushroom Rock

After driving a long way and having a nice encounter with some camels, which are of course dromedaries, we arrived at Mushroom Rock. Well, you don’t have to think long about why this rock is called that 🙂 It is very photogenic. Nice stop with of course another cup of tea at the Bedouin tent. Also one of the most beautiful places in Wadi Rum.

Visiting Wadi Rum? What to do in the Wadi Rum Desert - Most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum - Jordan

Camels are always fun to spend time with. I think they are such endearing animals. Those eyes with long eyelashes but also those clumsy legs. Now that I think about it, they do have something in common with giraffes…  After a nice photo session, we drove on.

Visiting Wadi Rum? What to do in the Wadi Rum Desert - Most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum - Jordan

Alameleh inscriptions

Finally, we stop at a cliff where there are a number of inscriptions. Mohammed points to the wall in the distance; we have to look there. We walk towards it and meanwhile we hear sounds in the distance. When I look up, I see that a group of tourists is sitting on top of the enormous rock. I imagine the immense view they must have from that point. The sunset is already setting and I think that it is also for this reason that they are sitting there. I don’t blame them.

Visiting Wadi Rum? What to do in the Wadi Rum Desert - Most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum - Jordan

The inscriptions are visible but very difficult to photograph. They are a little higher up on the wall and it is already starting to get dark. I decide that I’m not going to bother but that I’m going to turn around and take a good look at where I am. I walk a little through the soft red sand and breathe in the warm desert air. Moments like this are wonderful, aren’t they? Isn’t that why you live?

To enjoy intensely and to realise how good you have it?

Most Beautiful spots in the Wadi Rum – Jordan

Wadi Rum - Jordan - Highlights

A little later, I am sitting at a delicious cup of tea in a Bedouin tent. We are offered all kinds of tourist gifts that we are allowed to buy. The man who wants to sell them to us turns out to be from Tunisia and is enjoying himself in the desert. A little later, he comes to show us a young kitten he has found and which he has taken care of 🙂

Wadi Rum - Jordan - Highlights

What a wonderful place to end the day.

After this we drove via beautiful long roads of the Wadi Rum back to Desert Magic Camp where we arrived in the dark. We freshened up and after that dinner was ready for us. Like at most camps in the desert the food is included in the price, very nice….

Where to stay in the Wadi Rum?

I chose Desert Magic Camp. The price was very good and the tents were very good. Do not expect luxury but the bed was good, there is a private shower and toilet and in the tent itself a sink with mirror. I was very happy with it. Especially with the fact that I had a tent with a little terrace which offered me a view of the wide surroundings. When it is busy, you can be lucky to get a second row seat.

I was very pleasantly surprised about how it looked and how much fun they had there. The camp is run by Mohammed from Jordan and Lejla from Germany. Lejla also told me about plans to meditate there and maybe give yoga lessons. Now that I see the site, I read that there is a new resident (Svenja) who gives yoga lessons. How nice!

Camels in the Wadi Rum desert - Afternoon tour Desert Magic Camp
Mohammed of Desert Magic Camp

Mohammed was also the one who took care of our tour through the desert. He showed us the nicest places and could tell us a lot of things. We, a German man and I, booked the 4-hour afternoon tour. I must confess that I can’t remember what I paid for it, but I didn’t think it was expensive.

Visiting Wadi Rum? What to do in the Wadi Rum Desert - Most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum - Jordan

What you need to do at the Wadi Rum Desert – Jordan

Coming & Going

  • Aqaba 70km

I came from Aqaba and had spent the previous day in the Red Sea. It’s a nice contrast when you go into the desert the next day and there is only sand around you. The road is good, you take the desert highway and within 1.5 hours you can be in Wadi Rum Village.

  • PetraWadi Musa 100 km

When I moved on again, I went to the great Petra. It took me about 2 hours. At first you take the desert highway again and not much later you get the exit to go to the King’s Highway and also to Petra/Wadi Musa. Everything was well signposted and it was very easy to find.

  • Amman / Madaba 300km

Of course you can also drive from the capital Amman or from Madaba which is nearby to the Wadi Rum. If you take the Desert Highway it is just one long straight road down and you will be there in about 3 hours. If you take the King’s Highway, it will take you at least an hour and a half longer. It goes through all the little towns and what’s nice… You see a lot more of it.

Visiting Wadi Rum? What to do in the Wadi Rum Desert - Most beautiful places in the Wadi Rum - Jordan

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