Hike Umfassungsweg in Delden – The Netherlands

Somebody told me to go walk near Twickel in the Netherlands. Twickel is a castle with a beautiful garden and forest surrouding it. The hike’s name is Umfassungsweg which is German and means as much as enclosings road. And that is exactly what this route does. It goes around this great area and shows you some great landscapes.

So on a great spring day and having a day off my work I decided to go walk!! I hiked the Umfassungsweg near Delden which started at the great castle of Twickel!

Hike "Umfassungsweg" Delden - The Netherlands

There are more spots along the road which are good for a start and I took the most expensive one… This was the only one where you had to pay 2 euro to park your car 🙂 I parked exactly across the road from the shop of estate Twickel. Just on the other side of the estate you’ll see the first sign to lead you to the route Umfassungsweg.

Castle Twickel, Delden

Wandeling Umfassungsweg - Kasteel Twickel, Delden

After this first point the route is easily navigated by the signs along the road. You can hardly miss the Umfassungsweg and get lost 🙂 I wasn’t alone this time and so my eye and mind was also more occupied but still we hiked it flawless. The first part goes along the busy road and wasn’t that nice but soon after it turned into the forest.

Wandeling Umfassungsweg - Kasteel Twickel, Delden

Background Route Umfassungsweg – Twickel

How come it has a German name? Why didn’t they named it in Dutch? When I looked for it I read about the German landscape architect Petzold who would make the route. Already in early 1890he started this but when he died one year later the route never got complete until they decided to open the estate and complete the route so people could hike the beautiful area and enjoy the gardens and forests in 2011!!

German name for a hike


After a nice stop after about 5K where you can buy some coffee and some great local specialities we went into the best part of this hike. The lady of the farm next to this great little shop told me she liked that part and I totally agree with her!

Wandeling Umfassungsweg - Kasteel Twickel, Delden

At this farm we also looked at the sweet little lams, my hiking partner loves sheeps so we couldn’t have walked pass it!!

Wandeling Umfassungsweg - Kasteel Twickel, Delden

The signs showed us the way and we walked on. We got into a part that was closed by gates and so we could come across some cows if we are lucky!! This area was again the ground of Estate Twickel.

Hike Umfassungsweg

Wandeling Umfassungsweg - Kasteel Twickel, Delden
On this pic you see the sign UW (UmfassungsWeg) that lead us the way

It didn’t took us long before we got on the path that the lady meant, I loved it!!

Wandeling Umfassungsweg - Kasteel Twickel, Delden

I even got the idea that I was walking in a summer holiday destination!

The weather was great, the surrounding a bit different then I am used too 🙂

Wandeling Umfassungsweg - Kasteel Twickel, Delden

I loved it!

Wandeling Umfassungsweg - Kasteel Twickel, Delden

Especially with that spring sun in early april, great!

Wandeling Umfassungsweg - Kasteel Twickel, Delden

Wandeling Umfassungsweg - Kasteel Twickel, Delden

With a nice road alongside the forest we got at the old watertower of Delden. I really like those destinctive buildings. As if you are stepping back in time!! You can not get any closer unfortunately because it is on private grounds.

Wandeling Umfassungsweg - Kasteel Twickel, Delden

Hike Umfassungsweg

Castle Twickel, Delden

Wandeling Umfassungsweg - Kasteel Twickel, Delden

Soon after the road will go over the big country road to lead you through the nice small city of Delden. It really has a great atmosphere and I did like that the route took us in here for a small part.

Wandeling Umfassungsweg - Kasteel Twickel, Delden
I was so amazed by the sight of a man sitting on the bench… I don’t think he has a home…most of the times you only see those kind of people in the big city 🙂

After this small part of the city we went back over another brigde to get back at estate Twickel. This small village is a city because it got its rights long time ago. Even though it has the measurements of a village it is called a city.

That last brigde is also nice to mention. I don’t think I have ever walked a brigde that elevated that quick!! It is really high but only goes over a road not that big.. Does give you a great view over the surroudings!

Wandeling Umfassungsweg - Kasteel Twickel, Delden

Route Umfassungsweg details

  • I got the tip to look at the site for the route, they have got some extra information about it. (I hope you can translate the page because it is a Dutch site)

  • On paper the route should be 11K but we didn’t got that, it was just over 10K. We did walk around 2 hours.

  • I started at Castle Twickel, I do like that part to start with but also to end there. You really pass the castle. The route goes along the castle and to look at it you should go off the route. So if you like that too make sure to have a coin of 2 euro. The shop is not always open and the parkinglot needs cash.

  • You can also start at restaurant ‘t Hoogspel. It is almost at the end of the route. You’ll start your route through a part of Delden and then into the forest. Or you can start at hotel restuarant Het Witte Paard. If you start at these startingpoints you need to walk into the road Twickelerlaan to really enjoy a view on Castle Twickel!!

Hike Umfassungsweg

Castle Twickel, Delden

The Netherlands

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I hope you love this world as much as I do!!


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