Staying Healthy starts with your Attitude!

Staying Healthy while traveling starts with your attitude!

Why do I say it like that?

When your attitude is that you want to move your body, you’ll start walking more. And you start seeing the opportunities that will stop you from moving as the less better option to take. Like the elevator/lift or the rolling stairs. On every trip / walk you take you can probably exercise more then most of you do.

Your attitude should be: Move that body!

I sometimes see myself taking the rolling stairs too. Why am I doing that? I’m probably not even faster because it is too crowded and you can’t walk. So you are moving but not exercising at all.

The stairs next to it is probably empty… It always surprises me how many people take the less healthy option and are standing in a row and not moving at all. Go with the Flow seems to work here..

Safe and Healthy

It is not the best option at all…. To get to my Safe and Healthy part.. It is not a Safe option as well! Standing that close to eachother can help pickpockets getting in your pocket too.. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation that you can not leave your spot. You’re standing in between a lot of people that are not moving at all. Most of the time the space between you and the other is to a mimimum. If you’re standing like this make sure your bag is in front of you and your pockets are empty or under controll by putting your hand in it or over it.

Take that Healthy Option as it is the Better Option!!

Easy walking and getting a bit of free exercise!!

Taking the Stairs Attitude

What is your Attitude? Do you take the stairs instead of the rolling one or elevators?