A day walking in Hue, Citadel of the Nguyen Dynasty, in Vietnam.

 I visited the city of Hue last year, I really liked it. 
It was rainy but still you could see the beauty of this once rich and colourfull city, the imperial capitol of the Nguyen Dinasty. 
On my first day I went walking to the Citadel and looked inside and walked all the way around the wall.
The money you pay to get in the Citadel is for preserving it, there are working hard on that. I hope to visit it once again and see it in full glory once more!!
The wall surrounding the Citadel of Hue.
One of the many gates in the wall surrounding the Citadel
In the Citadel there are many squares
They told me that in the old days many servants would be lined up in front of this building when there was a celebration for a king. It would be very impressive to see the whole square filled with lined up and dressed up people.  
The complex is on the list of UNESCO world heritage so they are restauring, good to see!
Nice gardenhouse
It was a rainy day when I visited the Citadel
Again one of the many gates surrounding the Citadel
House inside the Citadel which was in a good state, there were people living there.
Gate, gate, gate ..
The main entrance.I was told that the one entrance that was bigger because of an elephant that could go in. The other doorways were too small 🙂  

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