Cooking class at the Red Bridge in Hoi An, Vietnam

 When I was in Vietnam I took a cooking class in Hoi An. First I tried to do one in Mui Ne, but it was on a Sunday and they were closed. Sometimes, while traveling, you loose sense of days 🙂 They send me through to Hoi An. I heard later on that they have the same Australian owner.
But the school in Hoi An was a real nice one. They have a restaurant in the centre of Hoi An. From there we went to the market. The cook showed us what we will use for cooking later on. Told us about all kinds of herbs and vegetables. Also showed us the fishmarket and the meat market. It was nice walking around the market and getting your answers about some products or customs you see.
She also told us to buy when she was there, we should get the Vietnamese price, not the tourist price 🙂  After the market we went on a boat down the river to the kitchen. It was a real nice travel  on the river for at least a half an hour.
This cookingschool is between Hoi An and the beach. It is called Red Bridge. Nice bookingschool near the river with a herbgarden, they showed us the herbs they grow and use for their restaurant. They have all kinds of herbs I unfortunatley can not find in Holland. That is why it always tastes a bit different….just not the same.. 
Then we started to cook. The cook showed us a couple of dishes. It looks so easy when a professional cook makes it!

We made Hoi An pancakes. I love them!! Made them already a couple of times here in Holland.  They called in Vietnamese: bành xèo.
After that we also made Vietnamese eggplant in a clay pot. That was real nice and simple.
After cooking we ate everything together. We had a nice group and it was a great morning together!
I’ve learned to work with all kinds of new herbs and ingredients which I had never used before. I will definitely do this again in other countries!!

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