A Township Tour in Knysna, South Africa

While I visited Knysna I took a tour to a township. I had seen some, from out of the bus or from afar but you should really visit one. In every city there are townships, the areas where the coloured and black people were banned to in the old days. I’m so happy to see and hear that it’s not the case anymore. Apartheid is gone….but there is still a long way to go before there is equality. The blacks and coloured will remain living in the townships, on one hand that is really good because earned money will go there where it is much needed but on the other hand the white areas will remain white.

A Township Tour in Knysna, South Africa

South Africa Township Tour EmziniBut there is change, money will be put into the suburbs that needs it most. Gouvernment sees the problems and works on it too. The lady of the guesthouse where I was advised me to go to Penny and Ella of Emzini Tours. It is a company owned by a black woman, Ella and a white woman called Penny. Read her stories on their website.  Great to see the cooperation between these two!!

South Africa Township Tour EmziniI was picked up at my guesthouse that morning. I got in the bus with Ella to take the tour into the township. There were two buses this day so the other bus was lead by Penny.

South Africa Township Tour EmziniTownship

We started at the beginning of the township. We stopped and Ella told us about how a township started to develop. The black people were banned from the city, the white people didn’t want them in the town so they had to go to the hill outside the city. They started to build small shacks and buildings where they lived for a long time. You still see the shacks standing here but luckily most of them are replaced by the homes that are given by the government. 1 or 2 room houses are built and many people still need new or better housing.

South Africa Township Tour Emzini

Zuid Afrika Township Tour Knysna

Township Tour KnysnaIt’s getting better

Ella told also that it gets better every day. Most houses do have waterfacilities like a toilet and a shower. They don’t have money for it but they will share services with eachother. One will make electricity work and another will make the waterservice to the houses. So you don’t have to pay but use eachothers services. It is a ancient old system that always works for both parties!

South Africa Township Tour Emzini

South Africa Township Tour Emzini

Township Tour Knysna Emzini ToursI saw many shops. They were situated in shipping containers. I saw them standing everywhere. I saw a hamburger place, small supermarket or other shops. It’s great to see what they have turned it into!!

South Africa Township Tour Emzini

Township Tour Knysna Emzini ToursHairdresser

I went into the shippingcontainer that was turned into the local hairdresser. It was warm in there. They had made a small window but still it is an iron thing which will contain the heat from the sun. They were busy twining, they do that with extra fake hair I found out 🙂 They were very handy in twining and twirling 🙂

Going to the Hairdresser in the Township – Emzini Tours

South Africa Township Tour Emzini

South Africa Township Tour Emzini

School in the Township – Emzini Tours


We went on through the township and stopped at a school. A school for the smallest children, it looked good. They were just outside and singing and dancing so we could join them 🙂

South Africa Township Tour Emzini 

South Africa Township Tour EmziniAfter they were ready to go back in again they got some candy from the group. They were all put in a row and needed to put both their hands in front to get the candy of the teacher. Great to see those faces 🙂

South Africa Township Tour Emzini

South Africa Township Tour EmziniTo Ella’s house, Xhosa Lessons  – Emzini Tours

Ella’s house

Our last visit was at the house of Ella. She had tea and cookies for us and would teach us some words. Words in Xhosa…. Well, in those words were the clicking sounds… I can do clicking but not with a letter next to it!! That is so difficult! Ella clicks great!!! Look at this great clicksong I found on the internet of Ella!

South Africa Township Tour Emzini

South Africa Township Tour EmziniElla gave us also a lesson on a drum, she sang a song and drummed with us. Great time and atmosphere at her place!!

South Africa Township Tour Emzini

South Africa Township Tour Emzini

South Africa Township Tour Emzini

South Africa Township Tour EmziniI had a great time and loved to drum with Ella!! I, and everybody from the tour, got these last pictures send to us. They make pictures all the way through the trip and will email them. EllaPenny Emzini ToursElla and Penny

Project Safehouse

Ella told us about the project she and Penny have. They have a safehouse to shelter children or young women who needed help. They also help families to get the help they can get, most of the time it is just helping them to fill in forms. There are many people that can’t read or don’t know how the system works. They will be send away to never to return to get the help/money or what ever they have a right to. So it is really important to help them to get the children to school on a scholarship and get a better future for them!! Start helping at the beginning, at the bottom.

South Africa Township Tour EmziniI also found a YouTube clip that Ella made, she tells about her life, her story!! Very inspiring!!

emzini-toursGreat to see that they are doing such a great job!!

Happy to have gotten my trip into the townships with Emzini Tours!!

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