Biking in and around the Old Medina Of Marrakesh, Morocco

I visited Marrakesh with my brother. Just for a short trip of 6 days to explore the city and its surroundings. We really loved the city eventhough we were scammed on our first day. Read about that here. We were positive surprised by the beauty of the city and the great culture and history of this city!  The second day we rented a bicycle to cycle around the city. We wanted to go around the wall, around the old city, the Old Medina and just explore the city by biking in Marrakesh.

We started biking near the Koutoubia

 Biking in Marrakesh

Biking in Marrakesh

Voor de Nederlandse versie van In en Rond de stad Marrakesh Fietsen

We went right and started to bike on the sidewalk. We could stop and look at the wall and at the people who were working at the restauration of the wall. At some point we entered a big roundabout, if you would turn right there you will go to Garden of Menara.

Biking in Marrakesh

First we wanted to bike around the city so we cycled along the wall. It was nice cycling there. The wall on the one side with all the great gates and the moroccan landscape on the other. For safety reasons we cycled a part on the sidewalk which is big enough for cycling and walking. They are working hard on restoring the wall and taking care of this old pink wall. At some point you enter a round-about and when you would go right you will go to the Garden of Menara, we did go there but at first we wanted to bike around the wall.

Biking in Marrakesh

What a great and wonderful Gates!!

After two turns we entered a gate, we really liked to look of it so we stopped and went through the Bab Er Robb. We saw then the great Bab Agnaou, I regocnized it from pictures. That Bab is build in the 12 century, the time of the Almohad Dynasty. On each side of the Bab is a canon. The name, Agnaou, refers to black people or land of the black. This is probably because this gate faces the South side of Africa. We liked the look of the street after the gate so we parked our bicycle and went in. We found a good part to park or cylce and locked them on the trafficsign in the middle of the road 🙂

Parking the Bikes, Biking in Marrakesh

In the street after Bab Agnaou are a lot of nice but also touristic shops. We went walking ans soon we saw the building where the Saadian Tombs are. It didn’t seem very inviting and the costs were high so we didn’t enter. In front of it is a very nice Kasbah where you can eat and drink. We sat on the rooftop terrace and had a nice Moroccan tea.

Biking in Marrakesh

Biking in Marrakesh – Morocco

Biking in Marrakesh

Biking in those little streets of the Old Medina

also called the Souks of Marrakesh

After that we started to bike again. We went into the Old Medina. We went into the suburbs of the Old Medina. We biked along the streets and saw the people of Marrakesh in there own neighbourhood. They were working and just doing they’re business. We saw children going to school and the mothers doing groceries.

 Biking in Marrakesh

Biking in Marrakesh

Biking In Marrakesh

Biking Marrakesh


Do visit Bahia Palace!

Great serene place in the busy city

We were biking and came along the famous Bahia Palace so we parked our biked and went inside. It is a very nice palace with great gardens, it’s great to get out of the busy streets for a while and visit this palace. Everything in the palace is decorated, from floor to ceiling. The whole palace has several gardens and courtyards. The hallways are really great with very big, old doors. And I really loved those waterbassins in the middle of those courtyards. You see those a lot in Morocco. I thought this was really worth a visit!!

Bahia Palace, Marrakesh

Biking in Marrakesh

Biking in Marrakesh – Exploring the great old town

Bahia, Marrakesh

Bahia Palace, Marrakesh

After biking for a while we were at the other side of the Old Medina, we saw the great pink wall again. We went through a bab again. I don’t know the name of that one. On the other side was a newer suburb. We had a great time. My brother took pictures of me while biking with the camera over his shoulder. I didn’t thought he had me on one of those pictures….but he had them, all of them were good!! I almost had a stomachache from laughing 🙂

Biking in Marrakesh

We had just the best day Biking in Marrakesh!

We had so much fun and saw so much beauty!!

Biking in Marrakesh

Biking in Marrakesh

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