Cycling in Amsterdam and lunch at O Mai

I went to Amsterdam and ofcourse you need to go explore some more of the city! I went cycling with my cousin and we had looked up this great restaurant for our lunch!

Blauwbrug, AmsterdamBlauwbrug, Amsterdam

When you’re in Amsterdam…Rent a cycle, explore the city like the Dutch!

Well….when you’re in Amsterdam you should stay for at least a day. So that’s what I did. It’s always nice to cycle around this great capital of The Netherlands. I think the best way of seeing a city is by bicycle, it is Healthy and you get the feeling of a city. But especially when you’re in Holland ofcourse!! I shared this before…and still love this of course.

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Suburb Amsterdam

Suburb Amsterdam

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I stayed with a cousin of mine and we cycled to the citycentre in the morning. The streets are amazing, all the long rows of houses with all the balconies and high fronts!! Love that, it is also very different from the part of Holland I live in 🙂

Walking along the Canals Walking in the morning along the great canals of Amsterdam

Jan Vinckbrug, AmsterdamView on the famous Magere Brug of Amsterdam

Row of houses, Amsterdam

Canal, Amsterdam

Canal, Amsterdam

Houses, Amsterdam

O Mai – Vietnamese Restaurant Amsterdam

After a while we started to get hungry. My nephew told me about a Vietnamese restaurant and of course I had to go there. I love the Asian kitchen and I am trying to make some real Vietnamese Pho for some time now…So what did we do? Yes,…we went there!!

I love Vietnamese Pho!

I ordered the Pho Bo Dac Biet. It is a beef noodlesoup with flat rice Noodles. Garniced with slices of raw beef, beef balls and simmered shank meat. Topped off with fresh unions and spring unions. With that came some lemon, beansprouts, pepper and some fresh basil. The basic soup could’ve had a bit more taste. But pro to this is you can spice it up as much as needed with all the side orders. So I could make it exactly as I wanted it to be.

Beef Pho, O Mai

Beef Pho, O Mai - Amsterdam

Delicious Pho

My nephew ordered the O Skool Baguette. He loved it too, it was very tasty and for him just what he needed. He finished it and had enough energy to cycle along with me through the city once more.

O Skool, O Mai - Amsterdam

Cost and Taste

I would definitely go back for more Vietnamese food.

For a lunch it was great and more then enough, I couldn’t finish my bowl of soup.

The soup costed 13.50 euro and was really tasty and worth every penny!! The costs for the baquette were 7 euro.


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I hope you love this world as much as I do!

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