Eclipse at the Ganges in Varanasi, India (22-7-2009)

So…today we should have a eclipse? I can only see clouds…the sun is hidden behind it unfortunately. And no..that’s not because it already is eclipsed!!

But I did see an eclipse when I was in Varanasi, India

If you want to read this in Dutch, click here

That was great to experience. We climbed on the hotelroof and had a great view over Varanasi. We saw a lot of other people, many Indian from there own rooftopterrace. They were also enjoying this great natural phenomenon.

IMG_0631This eclipse was also early morning

P1000830So after sunrise it became dark againP1000848As you see it was cloudy but we did see the eclipse!

P1000857You do see the ‘half moon’ clearly.

IMG_0680Many people were enjoying the eclipse

Or they were just doing there normal morning activities 🙂IMG_0676Later I heard and read in the paper that there was an incident at the Ganges. It was too busy and people got stampeed on. There was one dead, drowned in the Ganges, and 7 injured.

I still have that newspaper of that day!

krantI do think it was unique to experience!

Many travellers had booked there trip around the date of the eclipse. We were there by chance!!

Great experience!



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