Fishermen village near Chaung Tha, Myanmar

Having a walk through a village of local people in Chaung Tha, Myanmar.

It’s just going down a side alley and you walk out of the tourist area to see how the locals live.
I must see that all the people of Myamar are very nice and seem happy. If you give them a smile almost all gives you a smile back.

I saw the local restaurant,  it is not much different compared to the ones you see on the street in the tourist areas or centre of the cities. The only differents is that this one was at the doorstep of a house and so had a real table and bigger chairs. Most of the chairs and tables they have are plastic. You see plastic everywhere!

I also saw a woman making clothes on her porch, on the other side of her house she sold it. She was sitting at a table with an old sowingmachine in front of her, just working outside in the open air.

Also came by a repairshop for cars ans scooters. They were making something with a lasser. They don’t have regulations as we have, they weren’t wearing glasses or anything to protect their eyes. They didn’t have any protections for their bare legs or arms.

When we were walking further we came at a river and took a boat to cross the river. The guide told us we would be going to a remote village. I saw a waterbuffelo standing at the riverbank where we set ashore. Walking on land we saw a couple of houses with some land they were agregating.
They were growing vegetables and I saw that they were drying flowers for seeds. The guide told us that the plant gave food and for planting next year ofcourse.

The people in the village didn’t mind us taking pictures. When I showed them the pictures I took they were surprised to see themselfs. The reactions are great to see. I don’t think they see themself that often in a mirror. So seeing themself, especially for kids, is strange and sometimes a surprise 🙂
I really liked to showing them how they looked like. And also gave me the opportunity to make pictures of them.

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