Jodhpur, the Blue city in Rajasthan – India

Walking in the great streets of Jodhpur you believe to be in an earlier age. Around every corner is a surprise, a cow or a bull, a stray dog or the most colourful women and men.

View over JodhpurView over Jodhpur.

Taken from the great Fort Mehrangarh high above the city!

I love this culture in Jodhpur, in Rajasthan or for that matter in India!!

Holy Cow, JodhpurCows eating the colourful offerings.

I wanted to share some of those great pictures I took of this wonderful place. They call it the blue city and soon you will see that too!

Great Door, Jodhpur

Bleu Door, JodhpurJust a couple of the hundreds of great old wooden doors in the small streets of Jodhpur

Streetview, JodhpurColourful lady walking the dirty streets of Jodhpur

Wonderful JodhpurYou just have got to love this house…you see so much going on here 🙂

Ganesha Jodhpur

Holy Cow, Jodhpur

Dogsview over JodhpurGoing up to the great Mehrangarh Fort I saw this stray dog

Mehrangargh Fort, JodhpurOne of the many great gates of the Fort

Fort, JodhpurThe great Fort, already standing on the mountain and still it is so high!!


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