Cycling to the beach – Trinidad

Going to Cuba you can not miss the beautiful city of Trinidad. The beautiful cobblestone streets throughout the city gives you the feeling of stepping back into time. The music you  hear on every streetcorner and the magnificent colours of the houses makes this just picture perfect!!

Cycling near Trinidad

Cycling near Trinidad

Cycling to the Beach – Trinidad

Being in Trinidad for a couple of days I had time to explore the area and so I rented a cycle. The city is wonderful and you can walk there for hours but the touristic part of the town is small and easily visited in a day.

So taking a half day tour is great, that way you can come back and have time to wander around the great streets of Trinidad. Cycling to the beach is a great option. From Trinidad to Playa Ancon, one of the more touristic places there, is about 11K.

If you know me just a little bit yet…you know that it wasn’t enough for me so I took the route to Playa Ancon through the small town of La Boca. It was just a couple of K’s more and I didn’t have to cycle the same road twice 🙂

Cycling near Trinidad

La Boca is a really small village and it doesn’t get much tourism. For that reason it gave me a more authentic feeling and you must like that!! I sat down at the beach for a while and enjoyed the view over the bay. I was early and the shops were still closed but sitting there and staring at the ocean….this ‘hunk’ just stepped out of the ocean!! He just catched his fish for dinner! Isn’t that a great sight?

I must say…that’s a way to fish!

Cycling near Trinidad

Cycling near Trinidad

Cycling on I saw a lot of private beaches along the coast. The first one I entered seemed empty…untill I almost reached the water and a man revealed himself from out of the bushes. He said to me that the beach belonged to him and I could use it for some money. That’s a shame, I didn’t want to pay for a couple of minutes so I left.

Cycling near Trinidad

There are a couple of those cute and nice beaches and most of them seemed empty. At the one that really was empty I stopped and did some exercises. Always good to stretch and do some yoga!! And look at that view!! Can you think of a better place?

Cyckling and Yoga – Great combination!!

Cycling near Trinidad

The only audience I had was the crab 🙂

After a couple of K’s I entered the touristic place of Playa Ancon. It is really touristic and so a lot of hotels are situated right at the long stretched beach. The beaches offers terraces and sunloungers when you pay for a drink or if you are a guest of the hotel. I wanted to stall my cycle somewhere and out of nowhere this guy came up to me. I couldn’t place my cycle where I wanted to…I had to do it where he was, a parkinglot for cars. And yes…I had to pay him. I had a lock and he didn’t had to look at it at all…

Cycling – Playa Ancon – Trinidad

Well…I’m Dutch… So I cycled on and came at another parkinglot. This guy thought it was oke and he let me park my cycle in a corner for free because I had a lock.. But I couldn’t tell anyone about it!

So…don’t tell anyone 😉

Cycling near Trinidad

Cycling near Trinidad

I sat down for a while on the beach, enjoying the ocean and the refreshing air from the seawater. I bought a soda and sitting in the soft sand of the beach I enjoyed my time. After an hour I went back to my cycle and went on.

First part of the road back is the same, you go around a lake. After I took the direction of Casilda and Trinidad. Casilda is a really small place along the coast too. A lot of casas and local shops and a lot of traffic to Trinidad. I cycled on too because I got some aches on my back and knees. The bicycle was too small for me and that took its toll at that moment.

Cycling near Trinidad

That morning I cycled around 25K with some nice stops. I can recommend this to anyone! Also when you want to go to the beach it’s a great option. I took my bikini but in the end I didn’t feel like swimming. The beach is great to spend some more time and a lot of tourists will go for the whole day to have a relaxing day at the beach!

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Cycling - Cuba

I explored this beautiful city to the maxx ofcourse but I also went horsebackriding in Topes de Collantes

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