Mountainbiking in Autumn

After returning from India and Thailand last week, and being away for a whole month I needed to restart my running or mountainbiking still. I loved being in Asia again but now I need to get back on the ground again!

Mountainbiking Holterberg

So today I went mountainbiking. The weather is great and the colours are wonderful. It is autumn and that shows!! It is a great season to enjoy nature. Healthy fresh air and the colours are just amazing. From light green to brown and from yellow to bright orange and all kinds of red!!

Mountainbiking 'oude zwembad'

At first, after about 10 minutes mountainbiking I started thinking….why am I doing this? My heart pumps my blood like crazy through my vains and I’m out of breath!!

Mountainbiking Holterberg

I always have that voice in me asking…why? Well, that is the part when you need to go on. So after yet another 10 minutes I start to enjoy it again and start to see the great surroundings where I am mountainbiking in.

I do live in a great part of Holland. It is near the German border and not that flat that everybody thinks when they think of when they hear The Netherlands. I can go outside and within a couple of minutes I’m surrounded in nature and hills. Yes…there are not a lot of them in Holland but near my hometown there is a hill. I don’t say mountain…. but it is defenitely a hill!

Love to mountainbike there and today I got to almost 20 K, for the first time again and for enjoying the weather too… I think I did good!!

Mountainbiking Yoga

And ofcourse I did a yoga pose. I think it is a good combination when you are out of breath and are enjoying the beautiful surroundings..why not get into a pose you like? And I can get into this headstand very easily so you see this one coming by a lot 🙂

Information and duration

I mountainbiked for 1 hour and 7 minutes. I stopped ofcourse a couple of times to make these wonderful pictures and to do the yoga pose.

My ride started in Hellendoorn, place where I live. I went over the hill towards Haarle and went onto the Sallandse Heuvelrug which is a National Park in The Netherlands, cycled through Nijverdal to go back to Hellendoorn.

I biked for exactly 18.28 km and used 620 kcal.

Mountainbike map